Long time no see!

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Its been Loooong since I wrote for a long time. My Professional commitments have been such that were keeping me away from writing. though I know, there is nothing that can stop you writing, not even a busy schedule. Never Mind, may be the intoxication of writing highs was missing for past some time.

Today there was a mail in office from HR on a person’s quest of going around the world, finding meaing of life, in a improvised Motor bike after forsaking a flourishing career in US. The biggest surprise was he was an Indian Jay Kannaiyan. The write up was small with some pics here and there, but was so much in so less words. ( If you search on net for him, it will be all over the place)

Travel actually makes you wiser! when we went to London, it really made us realize, why Britishers are 100 years ahead of us in thoughts and deeds.We were awestruck, that world has so many things we have never seen. Travel increases your horizons.  So even we plan to venture around the world, though not exactly the way Jay Kannaiyan did!

But its not easy always.The family and professional commitments pre-decide the time constraint, future ambitions of Life determine the Money constraints, also the typical mentality of savings for life and not splurging on an activity which is not going to contribute to material wealth, makes travelling to far off places that much difficult.

But we are firm, being budget travelers, even if it means splurging for others, we wish to go around the world in our lifetime at least. This time where ever we go, We will make sure that we don’t go to the mere touristy places, but explore the unbeaten paths and k
now there culture with an outsiders view.

Britain and Scotland made us wise, hope we become wiser when we visit this next place. I will definitely let you know the itinerary, so that if you plan you can have all the details to inspire you……. mind it not always travel costs fortune, provided you plan it well! Also it means a lot of Facebook and blog trotting also ( to see the people’s pics, or read their experiences, who have visited similar places before, to get to know what that place looks like in reality and not in picture postcards)!

Keep watching for more on travel!

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