Why A 38 Year should go on a trek! A trek guide for all age group.

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Kedarkantha trek summit
@ Kedar Kantha Peak # Goose Bumps @ 12500 Ft

By the way a Disclaimer : For all who are reading this : Women never cross the age of 16 including me

Why TREK and trek age
Oh it’s a blissful life in thirties!
You leave the childishness of twenties and join the proclaimed madness of Wisdom syndrome (thinking you are in thirties so you are wiser)! This wisdom syndrome gains momentum! But irony strikes by the time you are about to finish thirties as you either think how to remain there or stay in the bloated cloud world of yours, thinking I am wiser!
Mine is with a little twist, Not only I have been bugged by the thirties Wisdom syndrome but also I want to do all the childishness of twenties before I move in forties gracefully! Not only I have plans for the two remaining years of thirties, I even have plans as to how to grow graciously in Forties ( Like no more coloring of hair, talk slowly and not like a chatter box that I am) ! Uff! So much to think about!
Come back, come back Jyoti , you sway too much. Oh ya, so we were saying…. We will cross the bridge as it comes . As of now come let’s concentrate on the recent trek! Ironically, in this trek, Out of 30, only four people were in their 38 or early forties. So( being a part of that 4 ( again refer disclaimer pl 😉 ) that puts an onus on me to inspire all the people in late thirties and early forties to go on the trek. So here I sum up the reasons Why a 38 year should go on a Trek (If its winter trek nothing like it!)…..tan..taraa..nnn!
1. To go to Malls ( Before trek and after the plan for trek is final…..ahem.. ahem.. it may be two three months before trek )  for shopping on the pretext that ‘I don’t have anything to wear for the trek’ and buy everything else rather than for trek.
2. To see first hand in the trek, how much ahead the generation has gone! It’s a pleasure to see that the present ones know in their 20’s itself, what their Priorities in Life are. As to what life is really about. You really feel young again! Though their relationships are all jumbled up but their mind knows to keep that clutter away to seek solace! It’s so liberating to see them splurge on clothes ( as a fashion observer ( Being Amritsari !), it’s a treat to watch those Polka dotted ear muffs or bright tangerine jackets) or lying on snow facing the sky, in their own world with certainty. 
3. To realize your favourite Bollywood Heroes ( Amir, Sallu, Hritik) are all outdated. And also to realize how popular Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are. That, they are the new icons ( specially for trekkers), as a good lot  of them are there to search for their ‘Kabir’ and ‘Naina’. ( Ayan Mukherji….are you listening… for your ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani’ Trek motivation you can take commission from these trekking companies!)
Trek has no age
Oh He’s the one for me!
Trek for all age
Finding Fanny errr…. Naina and Kabir!
4. To understand new generation girls… for what????? Oh ho, lots of unmarried friends around so to gain some insight into finding a probable match 😛 ( We are very philanthropist type you know! ( Being Amritsari!))

5. To be able to do things you have long forgotten or feel shy to do such as

Fun during the trek to kedarkantha. Age has no bar . Why trekking
Sliding down the snow capped mountain @ 12500 Ft

Fun activity for all age on trek
Dancing to Glory @ 11250 Ft
Trek is fun for all ages
Lying on snow @ 11250 Ft, ( PC : Kapil Kadam and Nitika ( For the bubbly smile )
Jump and fun activity during the trek for all age.
Jumping Jack @ 11250 Ft

6. To feel good that you are still not rusted and can even give competition to younger ones in fitness.

7.To suddenly realize how much you love your family that you  want to save them from  worry ( pun intended), prompting you to lie to spouse that I am going to Sikkim for business promotion or to Parents that we are in Darjeeling.

8. To relax in the lap of nature and to see this

A Tibbetian Apso @ Sankari Guest house @ 6400 Ft
To see Nature nature and nature… in all abundance!
Kedarkantha base camp Trek
To spend a starry night in tents@ 9100 FT in snow!
Kedarkantha trek for all age
To Gasp that we are standing on one of these #goosebumps (View from Kedar kantha Summit @ 12500 Ft)
Resting during the kedarkantha trek for all age.
To relaaaaxxxxx in the lap of nature! ( on our way to Juda ka Tallab @ 9100 Ft)

9. To miss and experience the true worth of moments that make up our life or simply what Germans say Gemütlichkeit ( right Tejaswini?)

·         A chilly evening, A Hot cup of Tea, Pakoras frying!
·         Maggi, A hostel Room, 4.25 AM !
·         Four Friends, Two rusty bikes, Highway, Four Glasses of Beer !
·         Mom and Dad, Dining table, A warm meal!
·         A covered roof, A Cozy Bed, Some Cozy Clothes!
·         An attached Bathroom , Running water, HOT ! ( Megha even mentioned this in her acceptance talk)
·          You and Mom, A summer night, A bottle of Coconut oil, A head Massage !
·         The chatterbox Bai ( Maid), Piercing sound of Door Bell, Washed Utensils !
·         A toilet, of which I have the sole rights to dirty( Poo!Poo!), Water Jet !
10. To Bond with friends, some old, some new.
Enroute Sankri Trek base camp. People from all age group
Bonding with friends…Some old some new!


Fun Enroute trek base camp age no bar
Tickling and Laughters!
     11. To make you resolute to read and buy more and more of Hindi Literature books ( You read it correct). A realization embarks on you and you feel Sad….ya SAD …. To see how outdated a lovely language like HINDI has become. In trek you realize, how the CCD generation ( Café coffee day generation) does injustice to it. I,who have grown up on the literary genius of Sadat Ali Manto, Amrita Pritam, Shivani , Gulzar sahib, it feels really sad that “Talking in Hindi is no more the In thing !”
So ending on a words that inspired very famous Hindi Travel writer Rahul Sankratyayan
सैर कर दुनिया की गाफिल, जिंदगानी फिर कहाँ, जिंदगानी गर रही तो, नौजवानी फिर कहाँ ?‘‘
Travel the world,
for you won’t have life again,
Even if life will remain

 youth will vain !

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    • thelongroad.in

      thanks Saumya di! So good to hear from you. I have been reading your poems though, as Mukta keeps on forwarding me that. Hope to get a feedback from you on the blog.

  1. Shabbir Bhimani

    Nicely written and quite good pics as well. I have been wanting to go trekking but have not been able to because of lot of things but I am planning to get one soon. This post inspires me sooner than later because I am getting close to that 38 mark.

    • www.thelongroad.in

      Thanks for your comments Shabbir ! now that the trekking bug has bitten you….you must go on a trek, its sort of life changing. It makes you realize the importance of small little things ( washed clothes/utensils, warm cozy beds, hot running water)! By the way, do see the blog post on Bir billing as its trek with a tadka of Paragliding!

  2. Amol Karande

    Next year i will reach tht mark of 38, the bug has really pushing me into trek. this post is really inspiring me to go on a trek. thanx for writing abt your experience or else i would have forgot to do.

  3. Arvind Joshi

    Beautiful write up Jyoti, lovely photographs, and a great ending with the quote from Rahul Sankratyayan !!! Fully enjoyed reading it, and look forward to more !!!

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