It happens only in India !

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I am into Logistics so today I was reading an article about the peculiarities of Truck owner’s requirement from the manufacturers. No connections though but in a split second it just reminded me of a blog mentioning “How to make … Continued

The Ticket Story of London : Obama’s Beast slapped fine !

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One news caught my Eyes today. ‘Obama’s Beast slapped Fine’. It was on story goes on that, there are congestion charges to be paid, if you are taking your vehicle to Central London area. No one is spared, see … Continued

London amazes me in awe and disdain!

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  While reading I also read my previous blogs on London, I am looking like a villager/ rather Alien who has landed on planet earth and everything there amazes him. But then, I am a person who has spent almost … Continued

The Ferry….in London !

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First day of a trip is always the most enthusiastic and observant one. You are so much looking forward to newer experiences that every thing fascinates you. Since we had planned to reach on a Friday to London so that … Continued

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