Adventure Begins Part 1

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Adventure Begins : Kuala Lumpur Part 1

Hey ! With all the yes and no s finally we decided for yet another overseas trip. I think the pushing factor was My Husband’s Friend. He lives in Singapore. He was calling us to visit for quite some time. In fact earlier he was in Switzerland, despite his invitation, we some how could not make it to Switzerland ( I know what a terrible miss), but this time we thought lets give it a chance, more so this will give us time to stay in another country without missing our home . And since we were to Go to Singapore we decided to chip in Little bit of Malaysia in it.

And as pre- planned people on a budget, that we mostly are, We have made a plan for two nights in KL and 5 Nights in Singapore. People suggested us to cut short Singapore to 3 days, but I think meeting Vikas (my Husband’s friend), spending quality time with him and his family was more overpowering a thought then just an overseas touristy trip!

But the Twist in the story came when, another friend of My Husband who along with his wife and kid decided to join in. this meant alterations in some plan as the plan was now to be made kid friendly ( he has a five year old daughter).

A lot of care was to be taken to make it as relaxing as possible, as with a child you cant zip along a place the way we would have done had we gone alone.So we took care to make the plan in a way it is concentrated to one area a day.

Me and My Husband are quite keen on knowing a place if we visit it, so it means travelling by Public Transport, as we don’t believe in taking hop on hop off buses going in a typical Touristy circuit. But with a Kid on board now, we gave the friend the option to choose. He Chose to go with our plan.

The Itinerary we have made for KL ( Kuala lumpur ) is as detailed as possible, and is based on data available on internet. I shall of course update you once we actually visit the place so that there can be a reality check. Since touristy Hop on Hop off bus was off the radar, it meant studying the complete Public transport systems specially in area we would be going. So for info of all, Kualalumpur has an excellent Public Rail System. Its distributed as various lines. So do check the Train maps on or simply type Klang valley rail system Kuala lumpur and all the details with maps can be found.

Purple and green free bus services connects most of the tourist interest places I covered in Day 3. We can use them where ever required. For details search on net on this and you will find the route chart.

Day 1 Is going from Our Place to Delhi.

Day 2 is Flight to KL from IGIA New Delhi at 12.30 PM India time.Reaching KL at Night around 9.30 PM KL time.Our Idea of staying was that we just need a place clean enough to rest for the night, as we will out most of the day. So we decided on Tune Hotel, Down town ( A no frills Hotel by Air Asia similar to Ginger Hotels in India) As we reach KLIA ( Kuala Lumpur International Airport) we will take the KLIA express ( Kind of Super fast metro train, Approx 35 Ringgit per person) till KL Sentral, then take Monorail  MR 1-KL Sentral Monorail to ( Monorail towards Titiwangsa) MR9-Medan Taunku Monorail. From Medan Tanku, its a walking distance ( 3-4 Mins) to Tune Hotel. CHECKIN AT Tune Hotel Down Town, KL. Alternatively we can also take Taxi ( 80 Ringgit) depending on the seating capacity. Reach hotel, Have Dinner and rest overnite.

Day 3 Is Sight seeing at KL Maderka square, Sultan abdul samad bldg, Selangor club, Masjid Jamek ( National Mosque) Central Market, China Town. Lunch. Petronas Tower and KL Tower. Dinner At Suriya KLCC/ Lot 10 food court. 

  • Details Early BF. Sultan Ismail LRT Stn-Ampang Line LRT to Masjid Jamek ( 2nd stop)/ Pasar Seni ( 3rd stop). First half ( these are all co- located) Old City, Maderka Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Selangor Club, Masjid Jamek ( National Mosque), Istana Negara ( Royal Residence, if near by), Central Market. Lunch at China Town ( Pettaling Street). Explore China Town.Take Purple or Green Bus. Move to Petronas Tower and KL tower at Dusk time. Dinner at Lot 10/ Suriya KLCC Food Court . Come Back to Tune Hotel. if time permits we can explore surrounding area or Alternatively go to Asia Heritage Row,if nearby to Hotel ( From map it seems near by) as its known for Night life.Or if too tiresome, since the day is packed, rest at Hotel.
  • For Food at China town : Since Food is integral part of Knowing a country, I tried to find the eating places which are famous for their authentic tastes and are near to the area we will be visiting in first half. There are numerous options in vegetarian as well as non vegeteranian in and around China Town, Petalling street. For Veg Lakshmi Villas ( Thali for 4 RM), Lebuh Ampang, Banana Leaf Rice @ Maderka Square, Bakti Woodlands, Restoran Vinni Jeyaa ( next to pasar Seni Rapid KL Station, typical Indian Resturant full meal with drink for 2 @ 13 RM). For Non Veg : Assam Laksa Stall (Madras lane, Near entrance of Pettaling Street Wet Market).ALS serves Shredded Cucumber and thick mackerel ( fish) chunks and is more than 30 year old stall. Syarikat Makanan Salai Kiew Brothers( serves smoked meat of all types, on Jalan Sultan, Next to Kong Wooi Fong Tea Merchants). Yook woo hin (for dimsums (only in morning), deepfried chicken. 5 am to 3 pm, 100 jalan petaling). SS2 Selara Malan ( food court 5 pm to 12 night at SS2 petaling jaya). If you wish to taste food of malasia then Try Rojak ( Sweet and sour salad) Cendol ( Sweet dish)
Day 4  Sight seeing at KL / Batu caves/ Bird park second half at bukit bintang area/ bajeriya times square and Depart to Singapore at 2300hrs
  • Details Early BF.
    • Alternative one: Go to Batu caves ( Its a Hindu Cave temple of Lord Murugan having 72 Mtr long Idol of his with caves surrounding) (Medan Taunku monorail MR 9 to KL Sentral. MR 1 Change to KTM Komuter to Batu caves). Return till KL Sentral. Take Monorail MR 1 to Bukit Bintang MR 6. Lunch at Jalan Alor Hawker Center, Bukit Bintang. Roam Around, Times Bijeriya square. See Lot 10, Sungei Wang Plaza.To return to hotel, Take Monorail Bukit Bintang MR 6 to Medan Taunku MR 9. 
    •  Alternative two:  If you are a shopaholic like I am, you Can go to Bukit Bintang area Medan Taunku monorail MR 9 to KL Sentral. Take Monorail MR 1 to Bukit Bintang MR 6. explore it, Roam Around, Times Bijeriya square. See Lot 10, Sungei Wang Plaza.come back for Lunch to Little India/ Lunch at Jalan Alor Hawker Center, Bukit Bintang. To return to hotel, Take Monorail Bukit Bintang MR 6 to Medan Taunku MR 9.
    •   Alternative three: is Going to Bird Park ( as Kids may enjoy this) and Come to Bukit Bintang area to explore it,Lunch at Jalan Alor Hawker Center, Bukit Bintang. Roam Around, Times Bijeriya square. See Lot 10, Sungei Wang Plaza return to hotel.
    • For food I have written as Hawker Market Jalan Alor, which is the most famous of Hawker Market and in in Bukit Bintang area where we will come at Half  day time.Also if heat will be more we will go to Lot 10 Food Court, which is said to be having the best of Hawker Stalls of Kuala Lumpur, though on slightly higher rates.

Then comes the adieu time. To return to hotel, Take Monorail Bukit Bintang MR 6 to Medan Taunku MR 9. Finally Pick up your stuff and Head back to KL Sentral Medan Taunku MR 9 to KL Sentral. Catch the KLIA express back to Airport. ( There are some lockers available at KL Sentral, so instead of keeping stuff at Hotel, we can carry it to KL sentral and deposit in locker there and do the sight seeing. )

So this is our brief stay plan at KL. People can go to Genting Island too if they have kids. But since me and My Husband have already seen similar things ( rather bigger) at Thorpe Park London, so we were not inclined. More so we will be going to Singapore from there and visiting Sentosa and Universal Studio, so we did not want to add that to our itinerary and rush up.

Also if you have more days, you can opt to go to Langkawi island and stay there, its serene and lovely of what I have hear and seen on net.

For Singapore Part I shall update you all soon. Also do keep checking for Actual Experience in Kuala Lumpur as well as Singapore!

Any of you reading and having some good tips, for travel in Kuala Lumpur as per our schedule is most welcome to post a reply. Also, I have gone in details so that anyone searching on net and finds this information useful, my purpose will be served.

So lets Jet Set and Go!!!!!

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  1. Pushkar Joshi

    Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Itni planning to Obama ne bhi nai ki hogi jab wo India aaya tha! Kitnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa research karke itinerary banaaya hai aapne. Hats off 🙂 When i went to Singapore, i just packed my bags, booked a hotel online and sat in the flight. Of course, I was on my own and was visiting a friend there so had no hassles of working with others’constraints.

    Hope u enjoy ur trip a lot. Dont forget to post pics.

    Lots of luv

  2. Jyoti Joshi Mitter

    Thanks for taking pains to go through it! LOL! For singapore also , have finalised the itinerary along with Veren, will be posting soon. Definitely will be updating with pics of the adventure once we return. I felt the need of this, coz when I was searching on net for the destination, I had to go through a lot of reviews, travel sites, blogs to collect this for days, veren also did his research, so thought why not post what we could gather at one place so that any one else planning, if stumbles on to my blog , can find some useful info.

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