Adventure Begins Part 4 Kuala Lumpur (last day)! Singapore here we come!

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The day began slightly late, as every one had slept late. After getting ready, I cleared the room, Packed the luggage to check out and also to click some pics of the hotel to share with my blog readers. I have already posted the pics in Adventure begins in Part 2.

There is a cafe adjecent to Tune Hotel Reception. Also Nine eleven grossary store is also there. You get snawiches, flavoured milk, bread, biscuits, Buns, Coffee, Juices and good munchies in there. So after a hearty breakfast it was time for us to go towards Batu Caves. The other couple had planned to leave by 11am to aquaria, which was at Bukit Bintang area ( in KLCC towers). So we put our stuff in their luggage room and checked out. The time to reunite with the other couple was at 5 PM at Tune hotel itself.

So we went to KL Sentral by Monorail ( from Medan Taunku), and then changed to KTM direct to Batu Caves.

Mono rail from Medan Taunku to KL Sentral

Waiting for KTM for Batu Caves

KL Sentral has Mc Donald as well as KFC, just in case you miss your breakfast. But Vegetarians, will not find anything worth while other than french fries, that to cooked in same oil for Beef /chicken frying.

Batu caves is a Cave temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. The KTM drops you right at the gates of the cave. It has 272 stairs to climb. So people with kids might find it difficult to climb, though we saw a lot of kids climbing more enthusiastically then their parents. So all in all climbing is a state of mind, and there is no marathon going on that you have to beat someone, so take you time and pace. There are some monkeys there so its best to choose the middle stairs to climb, rather than the side ones. The huge Statue of Lord Murugan, gives a grand feeling to the caves.

 Its a nice feeling up there in the caves. Though they allow the visitors to go with shoes on till before the sanctum sanctorium, it calming to walk barefoot inside the caves.  The caves could have been cleaner though, but it seems, we Indians never change as far as cleanliness is concerned.

The best Part is the South Indian restaurants located at the foot hills. They are reasonable and serve tasty south Indian food. The staff was also very cheerful and welcoming.The south Indian food is tasty. They even have Roti Chenai, which is a different kind of Naan served with sambhar ( different from a typical north Indian Naan). The chutneys and Sambhar are unlimited ( quite unlike of Singapore South Indian Restaurants). Also they fill water, if you are carrying water bottles. The Nimbu Pani ( Lemon Soda) is again refreshing, though its not chilled. In fact the food was a great respite, as longings for own country’s food is natural, if you have not had it for long time.

After visiting Batu Caves, we left for Bukit Bintang, as was Planned in the initial Itinerary too. The area around is happening and charged up. We went to the malls around, did some window shopping and bought some gifts from H&M again.

Bukit Bintang Area
Inside a Mall
Superman with My Superman

It was time to Head back to Hotel. As we reached the Station, the Friend’s wife and Kid were sitting at the Railway station itself, as My Husband’s friend had gone to look for chemist shop and then to Hotel ( the rendezvous point). As we reached Hotel and checked out our Luggage from Luggage room, the friend had come. He was looking exhausted. He told his fever had shot up and all he could do was to sleep on the couch at Aquaria, while his wife and kid went around to see it. We bought some milk and buns for him, as he didn’t have had anything for lunch. Mid way to Airport his wife and kid also had burger as they were hungry too and finally we reached the airport.

At Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA, pl don’t mistake from LCCT ), to our surprise, there was nothing for a proper meal. Only two coffee shops. We were disappointed, as we had planned to have our dinner there at the Airport as our flight was at 11 PM ( Malaysia time). It was only while coming back we came to know that the terminal from where Flight to Singapore or Domestic Airlines go, that there are only these two shops. Where as the Main terminal is connected by a monorail and has ample eating areas both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Even a small counter of Jalan Alor Hawker market and Burger King are there. An Irish cafe and Starbucks too are neatly tucked in there.

Also a very funny thing happened at Airport and made us realize the importance of connectivity by Mobile phones. Both of us couples were in different lines at the immigration check. By the time we finished our clearance and looked back, we could not find my Husband’s friend and his wife. So we thought to move to the gate from where the flight was to take of as they will logically come there. Also since The friend was not well, he would want to rest rather than shopping around. When after a long time they did not come, we started searching for them at various shops, and as this part of terminal is small, we could not find them. Then what happened, only happens if you watch too much of investigative programmes on Discovery channel. We thought may be someone planted some objectionable material in their bag, they might have been wrongly caught and detained ( “Banged up abroad” ). We spent almost 30 mins searching frantically for them. We even thought of asking immigration chaps, but then we thought may be this will raise unnecessary suspicion and even if not at fault, they will be framed.

My Husband being always logical said, we have tried all the places, may be we are searching in the wrong direction. So he went to the visitor desk and Phew the lady there informed that our gate has been changed. We rushed in there only to find both of them safe. Good Lord! Now onward all such programmes will be banned for you husband!!!!

So with all the drama, we left for Singapore. As we reached, The hostess ( Wife of My Husband’s friend with whom we were to stay) had prepared lovely Rice Pulav! And with all the drama and tempting achaar ( Pickle) the hunger had increased only!

With all the excitement we were looking forward for Singapore!

Keep reading the Blog for updates on Singapore!

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