Adventure Begins Part 3 : Kuala Lumpur (Night 1)

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The previous day was fruitful. but before it could end, my Husband wanted to check the baggage Lockers at KL Sentral Station. As we were to check out tomorrow, so it was prudent to move our stuff to KL Sentral Lockers, as it was to fall in our way to Airport. So me and the other Lady along with the kid were to travel back on our own to Hotel, and they were to go to KL Sentral from Bukit Bintang ( There is a direct Monorail). It was such a refreshing feeling to come on our own in a stranger city. But the best part was even while coming back alone, that too with a kid, never for a second we felt scared as the paths were well lit, people were friendly and over all a sense of security . Very unlike India, where I can’t imagine to venture out after dark with out feeling scared that some one may try to touch or pounce on you seeing you alone, late in the night in secluded area. The  feeling of being safe and secure was predominant when we had gone to London, and will be again predominant when we go to Singapore next. INDIA……. what have you done to yourself !

They came back by almost 12 am. The locker was RM 20 Per locker, and since the friend was carrying too much of baggage, it was invariably two lockers. Where as the Tune Hotel was charging RM 2 per Baggage, so with 7 Baggage ( 3 ours 3 theirs) it was coming out to be 12 RM. Even if one adds the taxi/ Rail / Bus fare ( for commuting) it was coming out to be cheaper. More than cheaper, it was the excessive luggage issue, that was making it difficult for us to move it here and there. With the Lady being non inclined in handling the Luggage ( as she was handling the Pram with Kid), it was on three of us to move the Luggage here and there.For next day, Since the other couple wanted to visit Aquaria, and we were desirous to visit Batu Caves ( Having seen aquarium in London on our visit there), we decided to part ways, and meet again at 5 PM at Tune Hotel to pick up our luggage. Sadly, my Husband’s friend told that he was having slight fever since morning.The next day, we as well as them were to go in different directions, hence carrying luggage together was not possible. And my husband’s friend with fever wont have been able to carry his luggage alone, So seeing the practicality and economics it was decided to leave the luggage at Hotel itself.

So all those who want to work on Lockers’ costing, I have given you the details of Locker cost.

 My Husband gave his wife antibiotic, paracetamol and anti allergic medicine to administer on him so that he gets well soon, and can enjoy his KL stay. So with excitement of the first day and anticipation of the next day, it was sleep time.

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