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The first day not only saw the Woolwich Ferry ( as covered in my previous blog), but also included following realizations:
Seeing an Imaginary line can cost you 14 pounds per person. The prime meridian line, an imaginary line dividing the earth into two halves vertically, it runs from North Pole to South Pole. Greenwich (a a a pronounced as Greenich) has been taken as its centre. There are charges to be paid to see this line. In fact the line can be seen from a distance through the Iron gates also, but if you wish to get a picture clicked on it, you will be lured to enter by paying fees of 14 pounds per person.

Everyone is respected on the roads, be it pedestrian or a cyclist, both have a separate area share of road for themselves. While going to Greenwich, saw a mark on the road, which was for cyclists. Every where in London, there are blue lanes on the roads specifically for the cyclists. Good going and encouragement for the green people.
Winning lotto is always satisfactory even if it is only two pound (equal to the worth of the Lotto ticket). Yippee we won 2 pounds on our ticket, but sadly lost the similar amount on the other one .

Smiling faces don’t have colour. They have happiness.
You can watch Stonehenge ( included in UNESCO‘s list of World Heritage Sites in 1986) from outside the barbed wire also, there is nothing to go inside for especially if you have to pay 8 pounds each for it. Britishers put charge on everything if, toilets were not enough, they have barbed wire an open area just to charge tickets. But once you have purchased it and gone in, you realize coming inside barbed wire has added nothing extra to the view, it would have been the same from outside also.
Beach is always lovely! Beaches in England and Scotland are lovely, clean, blue and serene. You can watch cautious fathers teaching surfing to their 4-5 yr old daughters. Teenagers playing disc throw, Kids making castles of their own, youngsters enjoying a good sun bath, oldies enjoying a stroll.

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  1. dr.antony

    The photographs are real good. Yes,the difference in the whole of Europe is the cleanliness. You would love it more if you go to the country side.

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