India shining : Delhi Airport

As we reached Delhi airport, it was an eye opener. To be frank the terminal 4 in London Heathrow airport was no way standing in front of it , where we landed.
The Delhi airport two years ago and now…there is a vast difference. It’s truly world class. It’s all carpeted and with travelletors all along the had digital clocks showing time of all over the world.

All carpeted.


Toilet signs showing the men and women of different states to denote respective sides

Nine mudras of Lord Buddh

Sports bar

The duty free shops had all the glamour which can make any one tempted. There as an amazing shop Ishana which had one of the most amazing artifacts one can find in India. I didn’t do any shopping, sadly. Since our immigration had taken place in Amritsar only so we didn’t have any problem here in Delhi.
There were sleep pods there, providing a capsule kind of place to sleep for $ 9 an hour.

Next I will take you from delhi to London.

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5 Responses

  1. Amit.shetty

    Nice one. Though I have been through T3 a couple of times, I never noticed these. Not the international departures though. Eye for detail.

  2. Smita

    Really impressive. I remember being impressed with the revamped Mumbai air port as well!!!

  3. Jyoti Joshi Mitter

    Thanks Amit. @ Smita: I am sure you will understand that when ever one sees something in India better than others, one really feels proud of it.

  4. kavita

    Yes ,indeed . And i also feel that our domestic airlines are better than US/UK airliners.

  5. Anonymous

    the carpets are stinking glasses are with dust
    sad looking people around the huge airport.
    the designing of those Buddha hand are no artistic at all.
    looks like there was again a big scam for mismatch carpet and substandard interior.

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