I love you India…… YOU SIMPLY ROCK !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a Proud day…a sad day….a confusing day….but finally the feeling which just swelled my heart was “I.N.D.I.A  R.O.C.K.S !!!!!!!!”
WOW!!!!!!!!  What a splendid, spectacular opening ceremony it was ! It seems it was yesterday only when we were bashing the Organising Committee for Common Wealth Games 2010.
The most memorable for me was the mention of Atal Bihari Bajpayee in the speech by Mr Suresh Kalmadi that he was the one who bid for India. Not that I am a Bajpayee fan or connected to BJP, but I really appreciated that in a event conducted during Congress Party’s time is giving due acknowledgement to the opposition leader also.
Also I like Atal Bihari Bajpayee for making India Nuclear ( I know Indira Gandhi Initated it) and for dealing with the Kargil Conflict so maturely. Believe it or not when ever I see a Pradhanmantri Sadak Yojna Board, it always reminds me of Atal Bihari Bajpayee. But again to make the books straight I am not a BJP or even a congress person, I just like good Politicians, visionary persons… to say Dr Abdul Kalam or Narsimha Rao or Dr Manmohan Singh.
The second most memorable moment was the crowd cheering for Pakistani Contingent ! It was really heartening and I think these are the things which makes India such  special.
And I just loved the train of India, dibba walas, chai walas, churi wala, cycles on rial, doodh walas etc etc…They caught the essence of India pretty well ! Jai Ho !!!!!!
Since Morning me and my husband were shuffling the TV channels to get a glimpse of CWG opening ceremony, to hear people appreciate it. We heard and saw all felt proud every time the channels played it. Finally as curious Indians we switched to BBC to have an idea what the world media is saying for it. They had a full five minute capsule for it…..but not to praise it but to show the interviews of the slum dwellers relocated due to it. It showed the typecast image of India…. the same poverty, filth on streets and poor people…. C.RRRRR.AAAAAAA.SSSSSSSH !!!!! came the thundurous sound ! I had crashed back to mother earth ! I did not know how to react ?????
My husband said, THEY CAN’T DIGEST THE POSITIVES OF INDIA, they will show this only…. poor people, dirty and shabby kids, crying mothers and complaining citizens.
I was not prepared for this, I just wanted to feel the pride of my country shining…. I didn’t know what to react…feel elated and proud that despite all odds we did a world class showcasing of our culture and might or feel sad for the misplaced but not relocated persons ???????
But then isn’t this what India is all about , despite all odds, despite of all gods, despite of our black white and greys ….. we still survive.To pacify my self, I just started to count the vices of west to counter in my heart that we Indians are good. But for every good I counted, I felt ….we are loosing this …making it slip out of our hands like sand…be our family systems ( who wants to stay with the in laws ?), moral values (bribing our way through or just knocking the other person down the moment we get a chance at the railway ticket counter), simple living and high thinking ( buying branded only and looking down on those who don’t), increasing divorce rates ( they are so common now !)……. Life is changing and so am I , and I suppose so is the new urban generation of ours.
But the moment I was thinking of these suddenly a thing , may seem small, but it brought smile to my face…… news came on TV that in Badauni village muslims have donated land and helped to build a Hindu temple in a muslim dominated village.WOW ! I said ! India never ceases to give mew surprises !
 With in a split second a picture came to my mind… I had gone to Khadoor Sahib gurudwara in the morning to pay reverence ( though I am a Hindu, but any place which gives peace of mind is a place where god resides, also its very common in my country for people to go to each others religious places, be it mandir, gurudwara or church)… I felt happier !!!
Then I remembered that at Khadoor Sahib Gurudwara today, I had seen a board written in urdu to tell people about the Gurudwara, quite strange in this region as most of the boards are in Gurumukhi or English. Some one said a lot of Pakistanis are coming to this side of Border for past some years, this might be the logical reason to place a board in Urdu.
My Smile broadened !!!!!! This is what my country is all about….. small miracles of peace, harmony and unity scattered here and there. Grand patches of hunger and poverty amidst more grand greener bucks in India being the biggest customer for the American firms.
 I don’t know but I still love you India…and this love is growing day by day…despite a failed administration on 27/11, despite dowry deaths, despite rampant corruption, despite crisis of character………. I love you India for the surprises you give me like no riots on the judgement day of Ayodhya case or bringing to books of DGP Rathore…… or the friendly hug to the Pakistanis coming with candles  for the peace vigil at Wagah Border on 15 Aug……. INDIA….. I love you with all you ills and goods……YOU  SIMPLY ROCK !!!!!

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  1. R. Ramesh

    yes u absolutely right..india rocks indeed..and one will know it more when one is outside india..wonderful post friend:)

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