Adventure Begins Part 9 : Singapore Day 3 (Zoo and Night Safari )

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The Next day was for Zoo and Night Safari!

We were not very keen on the Zoo, as the typical Zoo we see in India has Caged Animals, People trying to make faces in front of them, trying to Provoke them, feed them. So we were not very enthusiastic for it. How ever it was on the itinerary. The original plan was 
“Leave house by 11 Am. second half Visit Zoo and Night Safari ( 16 KM from home takes around two hours to reach) . Take a tram-powered tour around the park and see over 1,000 animals from 115 species as they graze after dark. Once the tram ride is over take advantage of the numerous walking trails and don’t miss the fire breathing Thumbuakar Performance (6:45pm / 8pm / 9pm ( Daily) and 10pm (on Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays) at the entrance. The Night Safari itself opens at 7:30pm; last ticket sale is at around 11:15pm with the park closing at midnight.”        
“However Vikas ( My Husband’s friend with whom we were staying ) guided that Zoo experience is very different here in Singapore and definitely needs to be on itinerary. Having faith in what he said, we were ready to go. 
And we would have regretted had we not gone! A must visit, with Kids or without kids.
We took North East line MRT from Harbour front to Dhoby Ghaut. From there changed to North South Line to Ang Mo Kio. At Ang Mo Kio there is a Bus ( no. 138) which drops you at the gate of the Zoo. The same bus brings you back to the same Ang Mo Kio station, and from there you can take the MRT as per requirement. 
For all those wondering how we get this information, which when where for MRT, thanks to my technocrat Husband who is very good at Navigating, using various sets of software for Routing. We just had to punch the the place of Departure and Destination details, it automatically gives the details of route with preferable modes and their details. We used this extensively in London and were using now in Singapore. In fact, Vikas asked My Husband to download the software on his mobile too. ( all bloggers pl wait, I will post the travel software, Travel card details in a separate post).
So get ready for the visual treat. For tickets we had bought a combo ticket of Sng $ 49 Per person, I don’t remember what was for the kid. But it was chargeable. Except Sentosa every where any child above height of .90 Mtr is charged. They have even meters ( Which are really cute) installed all over Singapore to find for ex MRT stations. Only Sentosa island is as per age, below 4 years the child has free entry. For tickets details you can see Singapore Zoo website, its self-explanatory.
Since we had started at 11 from Home and Reached around 12.30, We decided to have food before we enter as eating inside will not be allowed ( except at designated eating areas which are near entrance), and since Zoo sightseeing will take time, we will be left hungry.
After food it was time to venture into Zoo. We saw the tram was only showing the Zoo route, and seeing animals was limited by the fact that only those could be seen which were on to roadside, so we decided to walk on foot. I feel that was the best way to do it. You get the map at the entrance itself. Mark what all shows are scheduled and at what time, also look for feeding times of animals. Accordingly plan your route on the map. Since it was a Large area and many routes, we decided that either of the couple, if separated will meet at the exit by 6 PM so that from there we can go to Night Safari together. This worked well as after some time we actually got separated due to different pace. 
So Are my blog readers ready for a Zoo visit… we go……!

The grand entry with the White Tiger views. They were separated by a Caracas


Elephant show, see how it balances itself

Now it turns whole balancing
Elephant Playing with Mahaut’s cap
Putting the Cap back on head of Mahaut
Two elephants balancing a log

Lying down of Elephants. With the weight elephants have, this is the most difficult thing for them to do.

Another specie of Monkey ( look at the nose and paunch), this monkey if eats fruits, dies, due to acidity



Leopard cat, called this as it has similar spot patterns like a Leopard

My Husband’s Photography! Notice, only eye is above the water!

dont remember animal’s name, though there was a separate enclosure called Rain forests, and entering it was greeted by the sounds of a Rain forest, it was so lively there, must see!

Worlds Largest Flower! ( replica only!)

Emperor Scorpion!


There was a Lake Inside the Zoo! Enjoying the view!


More Orchids

Even More Orchids

LION !!!!!


Zebra in black and White!
Mighty Rhino! picture is not justifying the ferocious looks and size it has!

See Polar Bear in background! This was in newly opened section, frozen Tundra, and the Bear is behind Glass in a temperature controlled set up!

See Polar Bear in left side up! marvelous enclosure!

Our Love to Pandas and the Zoo!

a Friendly tickle! See how Pandas are also enjoying it:)
Zoo was excellent! we loved it. Thanks to Vikas for insisting on it. 
After we were out of Zoo, it was time to go too the Night Safari, adjacent to the Zoo!. It was time to see how Animals roam around at Night time! 
At the entrance having some fun with the statues there!
On our way to entrance

As we entered the crowd was building up to see fire breathing Thumbuakar was 6.30 pm. So we also gathered. It was a worth watch performance! 

 After this we took the Tram, which was on first come first serve Basis. It took us around the whole Zoo again, but through the walking trails on a tram, with Animal areas dimly lighted to give us a view, as to how animals live in dark. at some points it was seeming as if animals have been put their just to show to viewers and not as a natural course.

There was a brilliant Night show organised. It was quite comic and must see! More so one of its presenter was a Sardar ( A Sikh Gentleman, who was quite funny) Sorry no pic of his!

 Finally it was time to say good bye and return home!

Do keep reading for more! coming up next is Little India and China Town with a Poolside dinner!

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