Adventure Begins Part 7 : Singapore Day 2 ( Gardens by the Bay and other major Attractions)

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After a refreshing Morning with walk by Harbour, it was time for a date with Nature again.

The Original plan was

“Leave by 8.30 Am. Visit to Main attractions of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay ( 9am  to 2 pm free), The flower Dome (Entry Sng $ 16 Per Person), Cloud Forest ( Entry Sng $ 16 Per Person) , After Gardens by the bay My Husband’s Friend, His wife and Kid can plan to go to the Singapore flyer after this ( As we had already experienced London Eye in London, we were not keen on doing the flyer) and we move to Merlion, the landmark for Singapore. Further, We can have Leisurely Evening walk around Merlion area towards Clarke quay on a leisurely pace.You will cross one of oldest bridge Cavenagh bridge, Mid way is Lau Pa Sat Hawker Market( 18 Raffles Quay) famous for satay. Look for Fatman Satay.”

But there were some changes. Vikas said that the Flower dome is OK only, but Cloud Forest is must visit, so we decided to visit only this conservatory. He also guided that there is a open vehicle runs which charges Sng $ 5 Per Person, and takes you around on an audio guided tour. Since the Garden is so big, its better to take that. And later it proved, he was so right.

As Holy days of Navratra had begun so Non Veg Eating was out for Me and My Husband, so it meant Vegetarian eating only. Thus Satay at Lau Pa Sat was out.

With the plan and changes there off we Left for Gardens by the Bay by 9 AM.

For That we took North East Line from Harbour Front to Dhoby Ghaut and then changed to North South line to Marina Bay. From there its a walking distance of five minutes. Though it was slightly difficult for us to find the place, but there was a gentleman who guided us well from his truck.

The Garden is just behind the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

The back Side entrance of The Garden by the Bay

It was pretty hot and sunny and we were really exhausted by the time we reached Gardens by the bay. We had to walk a lot further to reach its Ticket counter for Audio Tour Vehicle as we had entered from Back Side end ( Other side is the ticket Counter side). But sitting in the Vehicle and going around the Garden was breezy and awesome.

The most famous is of course the Super Tree Grove . These trees with height of more than 16 Storey Building are Man Made with Real Plants creeping all over.

Super Tree Grove

The OCBC Sky way, which is a walkway between two Super trees, we felt  was over hyped.

OCBC Walkway

They have made garden with themes, as per the population demography in Singapore. For example they have Indian Garden where in trees from Indian Subcontinent make a huge presence, similarly, Chinese Garden, Malay Garden etc.

The India Garden with Lot of Banana Trees, Palm trees
After the Audio tour it was time to visit the Conservatory. And as decided we were going to The Cloud Forest one ( Entry Sng $ 16 Per Person). Its really worth watching. The moment you enter chillness takes you by pleasant surprise ( after a hot weather outside) as it a temperature controlled setup. The second thing that catches your attention is the beautiful Waterfall ( Man made). We were really delighted to see it and click our pictures in front of it.
The conservatory seemed to me like a huge space station, where before the end of earth, all the plants have been collected and now we are on our journey to some safe heaven.
Main Entrance
Waterfall at the entry

The spaceship kind of effect due to walkways
Plants all over the Conservatory

Roof of the Conservatory
Conservatory from inside
Flyer as seen from Conservatory

For the first time in my life I saw Black Leaves.
It was beautiful inside. Its in three Storey. it may not seem so grand in pics, but its seeing to believe it. Its beautiful, specially if you appreciate being with nature.
As we came out it was almost 2 pm. We all were feeling hungry and had a sumptuous meal of Jeera aloo and Parontha ( Stir fried Potatoes in cumin seed with Indian Bread) Sitting on bench under shade of trees.
It was time to separate now, As My Husband’s friend and family was to go to Singapore Flyer and we were to go towards The Merlion. We climbed the bridge at the end of which we were to separate. But not before we had lovely Ice cream of mangnolia brand. The way they serve is between two Wafers they place a thick slice of Ice cream ( from a brick) for Sng $ 1.2 each. Mine was flavor green mint, it was first time I was tasting a pepper mint taste Ice cream and I loved it. Its good to eat something other than routine.

At the end of the bridge we separated, and moved to the left side. The walkway had Esplanade Theater on its right and views of Magnificent Marina Bay Sands Hotel on to the left. 
Since the post is already too long, and it seems I have at least 15 pics to load for the Merlion area, I shall rest this post here, and will update further in next post! keep reading !

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