NIschal Anand – 2 ( selfless bliss – 2)

Oh My God! Oh My God! Oooh My God! huuffffff!(sigh…)
How could God be so kind. You have made us a hero in one day! A click of mouse with your blessing palm.
We Got It! We Got it! We Got it!
You all must be thinking what have I got. Let’s guess together:
·         Did I win a Filmfare ( Indian equivalent to Oscars)….nope I am no Katrina Kaif ( ouch! it hurts to say so)
·         Did I get a Visa for USA (Who wants to leave my shining India anyways?)
·         Was I called by UN National council for addressing them ( WOOP ! this gives butterflies in my stomach )
Nope! It’s more than that……. I have got two tickets for India Pakistan world cup clash at Mohali !!!!!!!!

Who says Systems don’t work in India. Every News Channel is buzz with the News that real fans have not got the tickets…but we got it without any pull, push or PAHUNCH” (approach)…..the best way to get things done in India.  
It never crossed our minds; we got it just by applying on the official web site!
The difference was we applied it before knowing it will be an India-Pakistan Match. My husband had registered with 4 different ID’s, same with me and one lucky registration got us two tickets. Though this is a separate issue that his cousin applied with 9 different ID’s still couldn’t get even one. So the ones who have not got the tickets are the ones, who were not as lucky (this time) or the ones who woke up after it was known that it’s a Indo Pak clash.
Infact the black marketing seems to be done by those who have genuine tickets through official site. Even we wavered at one moment when we were offered Rs 75000/- (approx $ 1670) for our two tickets costing only Rs 2242/- (approx $ 50). 
Every one told us ‘Have you gone mad, why you don’t sell it?’ ‘You can go to Thailand, with that money, sell it’. At one point even I and my husband felt it can actually fulfil the shortage of funds required for our long dreamt London vacations. My husband was also not comfortable with the security scenario, in the sense that there will be lot of hassle in parking…. than three- four tier of security, these things were kind of bogging us down more than the money offered. And if you see the hassle Vis a Vis money offered against the investment we had done, it sounded a lucrative offer…not to miss types.
But still I don’t know what prompted us to forgo the offer and to go ahead with what we wanted at the first place, watch a cricket match in flood lights. The match turning out to be Indo Pak match was an icing on the cake…or shall I say the cake itself. I am still not able to decipher what made us refuse the offer……May be our pseudo moralistic values deep rooted in us or the sheer pleasure of watching a high voltage Indo – Pak match or a life time opportunity tasted sweeter because no one around us had got it (you are not more happy for your happiness but for the miseries of others) or was it the ‘Nischal Anand ‘ ( Selfless Bliss) I said in my previous blog, that prompted us to refuse. 
But whatever may be the reason I and my husband are all set to go to watch the match……………………… Wish us luck for a good Parking, a hassle free security and a great match where India wins! Amen!

The experience continues…… in next post !  
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