The Ferry….in London !

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First day of a trip is always the most enthusiastic and observant one. You are so much looking forward to newer experiences that every thing fascinates you. Since we had planned to reach on a Friday to London so that … Continued

It happens only in England !!!!!!!

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Sorry that I didn’t keep the promise! The schedule at London was so busy that I could not manage to write blog, because as my husband will say, most of the time I was sleepy, if not wandering in the … Continued

India shining : Delhi Airport

As we reached Delhi airport, it was an eye opener. To be frank the terminal 4 in London Heathrow airport was no way standing in front of it , where we landed.The Delhi airport two years ago and now…there is … Continued

The adventure begins…….. Day at airports

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The day began at a serene note. Though mumma was to get us up but she overslept. But since the excitement was in the air, I had got up before time.Listening to the sounds of the morning I made tea.So … Continued


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Life is strange. If you are happy you are worried that this will go away. When you are sad , you feel when will this pass! The story begins like this…………… Hurray ! Me and My Husband are going on … Continued

‘Nishchal Anand’ ( Selfless Bliss)

Today I was thinking to put back my thinking cap and start back with the blog. I thought of writing about cookery, as I have been neck deep into it these days….thanks to cooking bhoot ( Ghost) which has taken … Continued

My name is…… !!!!!

Just small tit bits ! Impact of movies is such that when I ask my two and a half year old nephew ,”whats your name?”he replies singing ” my is Shieee….la !!!!!!” But if this is not enough when … Continued

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