Kedarkantha: Photo essay of trek in Himalaya peak Part 1/2

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photo shoot at kedarkantha base camp


It allll began in October 2010 when I first thought of going to a trek in winter. All these past 10 years I had undergone quite a lot of them but WINTER…. hmmm it was quite tricky and different so as to say.

Then my other thoughts dominated the idea. WINTER means snow, means landscape, means new shots for my camera box, new heights, new terrain and new experience. So I started planning for it.
And there I was. Experiencing it all. My camera and my tripod were experiencing a sub zero temperature of -15 to -20 degree. The hands were giving up on holding and adjusting the tripod , fingers giving up pressing the shutter but the photographic urge caught hold and result….few worthwhile shots and feeling that I was could capture time bygone!
What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 
So here are some shots of Kedarkantha I would like to share. view of sunset photography
View of Himalayas from 11000ft Kedarkantha

Himalayan Dusk

The photo was taken during sunset at subzero temperature. The first picture in this post says its own story. 
The sun was about to retire and my fellow mates were preparing to settle in their respective tents. I mustered some warmth, took a deep breath, got hold of my tripod & camera and went to the slopes behind the camping site. After a few efforts I could find a spot where the mountains were clearly visible. I placed the tripod in snow and waited… 
I was excited as I knew the magic was about to happen. I took some trial shots and then the magic happened. The Golden hours as said in photography had started and what I saw on the mountain was just breathtaking…..
….. The White bright snow on Himalayas turned into Golden orange as if asking Sun to stop… stop! As the Sun rays came closer….Mountains started blushing and changing their shades, but sun was in his own mood to set. After few shots I saw a flock of clouds coming to rescue mountains as they joined the Himalayas to woo the Sun. The magic of Golden hours was only to be experienced and soaked in to oneself but I sincerely tried to shoot it in the above picture.
LOCATION: The above shot was taken from Kedarkantha base camp.
photography himalaya kedarkantha
View of Campsite at 11000ft Kedarkantha base camp

All the right light…

The above photograph was shot at night after dinner. My fellow mates had retired after having dinner.
The tripod was set for angular shot and I was waiting for somebody to glow a torch inside the tent. You could see bright light in few of the tents with that of the torch. The starry sky was coming to play with us and I thought its a perfect time to capture stars along with my silent camp site. After few moments I realized my finger were getting frozen. The Lens had a coat of mist due to high respiration. My nose was flowing. It was an experience to remember. My wife in right most tent called for me to come inside and rest but It would have been a mistake to leave such a view outside.
It seemed as if the stars wanted to go home and sleep too but the bright  lights from the orange tents below were not allowing them to sleep. In fact they have become interested about what happening below…
LOCATION: Kedarkantha base camp.
View of River Tons, Uttarakhand, India during Kedarkantha trip
View of River Tons, Uttarakhand, India

Country Roads

The above shot was taken while enroute to Village Sankri, Uttarakhand .We saw this beautiful scenery on our way through Tons valley.  The road was rough and mystic as it was crossing the river Tons. The tree standing straight in guard of the bridge took my attention. In few minutes time the sun was about to set. Children were returning home and mothers were having an eye on the road. But the water in the river was not ready to get tired. It was maintaining its flow no matter what time of day it was. The only thing it was ready to give away  by sunset was its temperature.
LOCATION: Tong River near MORI while driving toward Sankri.
View of Himalayan slopes from Kedarkantha. A tree is seen standing alone withstanding all faces of nature.
View of a lone tree on Slopes of Himalayas

Lone Survivor

A scene of Himalayan slope with a lone tree standing withstanding all weathers and harsh snow.
“No matter how bad the conditions are, no matter how worse the weather is,we will survive,” said the flora of the slopes to the Himalayas. Teasing the mountain in front, with the extra height the tree had attained, making it taller than rest. At the other edge is seen a lone trekker, exploring the tranquility and the serenity of the snow slopes. Probably realizing how tiny human is in front of the mighty Himalayas and the Mother Nature.
LOCATION: Near Kedarkantha Base campsite while on last leg of clmb to Kedarkantha peak.
View of deserted house  shelter in himalayas. kedarkantha trek
A view of a deserted house in Himalayas.

The White House

A shot taken while descending on Himalayan slopes. A deserted house was making a beautiful sceneray. The house stood alone with hope of its inmate returning back soon and making it a HOME again. The thick white snow covered roof says, “Please comeback my master, I am there too protect you in all pains and shades”.
LOCATION: On way back from Kedarkantha peak. Dec 2014
A view of dense Pine trees in Himalaya. kedarkantha trek
A view of Pine trees in Himalayas

Higher We Go

The above shot was taken while descending from the himalayan snow slopes. The snow clad mountain was ending here and a thick belt of pine took over the charge. It reminded me of a famous inspiring quote read long ago. Here it goes:
“It has been said that trees are imperfect men, and seem to bemoan their imprisonment rooted in the ground. But they never seem so to me. I never saw a discontented tree. They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast rooted they travel about as far as we do. They go wandering forth in all directions with every wind, going and coming like ourselves, traveling with us around the sun two million miles a day, and through space heaven knows how fast and far!”
– John Muir, July 1890 quoted in John of the Mountains: The Unpublished Journals of John Muir; tpvldg, 1979v, ©1938 Wanda Muir Hanna
Location: Near Hargaon camp site during descent.
A view of tents at Juda ka talab Uttarakhand India. kedarkantha trek
A view of Tent pitched at Juda Ka Talab

Wake me up before you Go…

It was early in the morning. A tented accommodation amid snow and pine tree. A sight to believe… Previous day was a tiring day and a chilly night gone by. My friends still lay inside, cozy in their tents and sleeping bags. Few missing home,the dry bed,the warm blanket and of course the comfort of toilet and bath. Few wondering where the hell have we come (Kya panga le liya). No water for shit but life is still a picnic…. Then comes the sun with its warmth. Giving courage and motivation to get up and start moving.
Location; Mid way to Kedarkantha base camp at Juda ka talab.
A view of foot bridge in mountains covered with snow.kedarkantha trek
A view of foot bridge in mountain

The Wrong direction

there was this bridge over a stream. Yes a frozen stream and the bridge was leading to a all together a different direction. Probably in summers when the water is flowing the bridge must be the medium to cross the stream and go towards the right trail. But with Snow all around, it was leading to the wrong direction, reminding me of one of my favorite song.
I’d love to feel love but I can’t stand the rejection
I hide behind my jokes as a form of protection
I thought I was close but under further inspection
It seems I’ve been running in the wrong direction
Song : Wrong Direction by Passenger
LOCATION: Near the Kedarkantha peak during our descent.
A view of Twilight on the ridge of snow peak himalayas. Kedarkantha trek
A view of Twilight sky from 12000ft


The above picture was taken early in the morning showing the twilight and vastness of sky. The sun is about to come out and wake up the world. A brand new day is about to begin but… the sun is in dilemma. It seems he has sent his messenger or spies to check if the lazy mankind is ready to welcome him. I was referring to the illuminated clouds above. Soon all ok report is given and sun pops out from the ridge. ( the next post has the picture of sun fully out on the ridge.)
LOCATION; Last leg of final summit climb of Kedarkantha peak.

Next Post of the series: Photo Essay of Kedarkantha..A winter trek into Himalaya Part 2/2

I ll be delighted to see your comments below if you liked the photos.
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