I love you India…… YOU SIMPLY ROCK !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a Proud day…a sad day….a confusing day….but finally the feeling which just swelled my heart was “I.N.D.I.A  R.O.C.K.S !!!!!!!!” WOW!!!!!!!!  What a splendid, spectacular opening ceremony it was ! It seems it was yesterday only when we were … Continued

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At times it happens with me that I sit to write a blog on a particular topic…but end up writing on something else instead. Today thought of writing on Our Ladakh trip with Pics, but than decided to write something … Continued

some memories are so poetic !

Dreaming…dreaming of the Past…. What was there, what was missing….comparing it with today what is there, what is missing. And it all boils down to the point we are never satisfied. When we are in present we don’t realize to … Continued

Me…Generation Gap…no way !!!! (Self Realisation)

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I never felt I will face a generation gap. I am just 33 and technically too young to have first hand feeling of generation gap. But as the mighty time would have its own way, the other day time brought … Continued

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With in a split second What all happens in a split second….. numerous thoughts come to your mind and by the time you realise it, the thoughts have further moved on…all in a split second. Yesterday finaslly I was able … Continued

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My first Blog ever ! how should I begin….topics come crawling in your mind, someetimes slow, some times bubbling and moving forward in excitement, like a child…after all its a new beginning. New beginning to be on my own feet, … Continued

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