The Ferry….in London !

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First day of a trip is always the most enthusiastic and observant one. You are so much looking forward to newer experiences that every thing fascinates you. Since we had planned to reach on a Friday to London so that the first two days of arrival i.e. Saturday and Sunday we are able to enjoy the most with Sahil and his wife Karishma. Also having two full days with them not only meant catching up on good old days but also to help them adjust to our arrival at their home during the weekend. Later we realized it was good from some more angles as that this gave us a chance to enjoy sumptuous malai chicken and Naan made in true Punjabi style by Sahil and  also a briefing about how we need to move around/ general orientation of London, specially the neighborhood.
We were greeted by great hugs and warm wishes…..and off we go from airport to the land of Awe, though with so many Sardars around ( we belong to Punjab, so it was a welcome sight) we never felt alien, while waiting for Karishma and Sahil at the airport. Even some of  the immigration desks were held by Indians. ( but as guided by some of our friends we avoided to go to them, and instead chose a GORA ( Britisher) desk….(  Sorry no offense, everyone has their own logic to this that there Indians are more strict and rulebook followers to the extent of being whimsical)).
Came home, and Tan Taran ( Can you hear the music? ), our outing will begin tomorrow.

See how a lady’s mind work or shall I say a PUNJABI lady’s mind work….. there were so many considerations to be kept in mind for the Grand Opening ceremony of our much awaited visit……. The first Day ( Technically). First and the most important, the look, Indian or western, ( so many pictures are to be posted on Facebook Oh my god ! I need to look the best in my opening photographs )  “Jyoti!!!!! such a shallow thinking…. a rose will still be beautiful even if it is black, “my mind argued. “But is it ?” my heart said. Finally I again converted to a Punjabi Lady from the philosopher and decided on the western look.

Coming back to main topic, the first day, Karishma suggested on the town centre. In London, every area has its own town centre, say a Chandni chowk town centre or a Karol bagh town centre. Nearest to us was Woolwich town centre ( pronounced as woolich) . ( later I thanked god that Karishma decided on this, as for not only a Punjabi lady but for all Ladies its a good omen to start a holiday on a shopping note ….yippeee !) Woolwich..a a a pronounce as Woolich… a a hhan ! is a black, expats and asians dominated area. 
We reached the Woolwich Ferry bridge. Surprise, we are standing at a road which has river at its end, how do we cross it to reach the other end of the road. Oh! there is a Ferry ( Huge Ship ( called ferry or clippers)) which will link to the lift-able road end here. Our vehicles will go on to ferry and than sail on the river. This ferry will again go to another end of River, link to one more lift-able road at the other end. The vehicles will then move out of Ferry from this road to the town center. I think a picture description will help you understand it.

 See the ferry in Background

The Lift-able Road which will connect to the ferry. You can see the Yellow structure of the Ferry in the end.

Ferry Got connected to the Lift-able Road and vehicles came into Ferry. Now the Ferry will sail on water to reach the other end. Below some more Pics as to how Ferry connects to Road and sails ahead. (below two pics are taken from

Ferry Connecting and than Sailing

The lift-able Road

To my surprise, the system is there since 1889. In 2004, proposal for new bridge, the Thames Gateway bridge, close to the Woolwich Ferry Location, received funding. If this is built it will replace the historic Ferry by 2013. We will say say good bye then, but till then ‘Hats off’.

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    Shopping …. best way to start any vacation.Enjoyed the ferry description and the pictures.

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