The adventure begins…….. Day at airports

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The day began at a serene note. Though mumma was to get us up but she overslept. But since the excitement was in the air, I had got up before time.Listening to the sounds of the morning I made tea.So by the time she came to kitchen, tea was already ready for a cup together. As anticipated Veren was also awake by that time.For a change today instead of papa, I played bhajans( religious songs)on radio and then we all had our tea, got ready and it was time for Pooja ( prayers ). We all sat together to offer our prayers and finally did the aarti ( carols ??). It was as if we are going Saat samunder paar ( across seven seas ) forbidden for Hindus in ancient times.May be as I wrote in my previous blog, it was to forbid evil eyes and for a safe and happy journey.Amen.

By the time we reached airport it was 7.45 am. After the check in we stood with mumma and papa for almost an hour as the Air India next shift staff had not come. They were also relaxed as there were only 35 passengers. Quite contrary to the reviews we had read about Air India, the staff was quite cordial. As requested by us we were given the best window seat with quite a leg room for our Delhi to London flight ( even enough to lie down and sleep).As we were leaving for immigration, mumma had tears in her eyes…… But not of sorrow but of love and affection, at that moment I felt the same which my sister in laws would have felt on parting from her recently. MOM WE WILL MISS YOU. Papa left on excited note taking mumma all the way to the next door flying club, to show mumma the flight, from near by, when we leave .It made me
And Veren feel that every one has a child within,somete showing up and giving us a glimpse of goodness and innocence inside.

Inside the airport nothing much but we had a surprise passenger in the passenger lounge……..a cat.

By the time we flew, it was drizzling,I thought what a romantic weather to start a trip……. But sorry….. If you have a technocrat husband, he will be more busy noticing the angle of the tail of the aircraft wing than the lovely breeze swaying the trees!!!

As we flew, we noticed that as we are gaining height, outside temperature was declining ( see the aftereffects of being a technocrats wife are already showing on me). We started with 3000 mtrs and a temperature of 11• c to 8200 Mtrs with -17• c .our maximum height was 8200 Mtrs and highest speed was 865 km per hour.

Me at the immigration lounge

These are the pictures on the aircraft screens on seats. I will bid adieu now. Next I will cover Delhi airport. Shhhhhh…… For all those waiting for hip and happening airhostess pics, sorry to disappoint we were on Air India flight…… Don’t have high hopes plzzzzz.
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  1. Rahil

    Dear London,
    My Bhaiya and Bhabhi are coming,
    please take care of them 🙂

    Best wishes for the trip 🙂 🙂

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