Long time no see!

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Its been Loooong since I wrote for a long time. My Professional commitments have been such that were keeping me away from writing. though I know, there is nothing that can stop you writing, not even a busy schedule. Never … Continued

The Ticket Story of London : Obama’s Beast slapped fine !

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One news caught my Eyes today. ‘Obama’s Beast slapped Fine’. It was on http://uk.cars.yahoo.com/20072011/36/obama-s-beast-slapped-fine-0.html.The story goes on that, there are congestion charges to be paid, if you are taking your vehicle to Central London area. No one is spared, see … Continued

London amazes me in awe and disdain!

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  While reading I also read my previous blogs on London, I am looking like a villager/ rather Alien who has landed on planet earth and everything there amazes him. But then, I am a person who has spent almost … Continued

Some snap shots of London and around

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The first day not only saw the Woolwich Ferry ( as covered in my previous blog), but also included following realizations: Seeing an Imaginary line can cost you 14 pounds per person. The prime meridian line, an imaginary line dividing … Continued

The Ferry….in London !

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First day of a trip is always the most enthusiastic and observant one. You are so much looking forward to newer experiences that every thing fascinates you. Since we had planned to reach on a Friday to London so that … Continued

It happens only in England !!!!!!!

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Sorry that I didn’t keep the promise! The schedule at London was so busy that I could not manage to write blog, because as my husband will say, most of the time I was sleepy, if not wandering in the … Continued


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Life is strange. If you are happy you are worried that this will go away. When you are sad , you feel when will this pass! The story begins like this…………… Hurray ! Me and My Husband are going on … Continued

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