Haveli Amritsar- An Insight into Cultural Heritage of Punjab

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Haveli Amritsar:

If you are visiting Amritsar and would like to know and experience the rich heritage and culture of Punjab along with vivid Punjabi cuisines, then Haveli Amritsar is the right place to be. It is a traditional theme village along with a fine restaurant and rich heritage experience.

Haveli Amritsar
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It is popularly  said “When in Rome do what Roman do” and When in Punjab do what Punjabis do.

You must be wondering what does Punjabis do?

Well, Punjabis eat, Dance and Celebrate like there is no tomorrow. They are known for their extravagant and joyful nature and the same can be experienced in a nutshell at Haveli Amritsar.

This nature of Punjabis is well described and inspired by a  great ancient Punjabi poet Baba Waris Shah. He said about Punjab spirit, “khada peeta why da, bali Ahmad Shahy da” — “we have nothing with us except what we eat and wear, all other things are for Ahmad Shah

I and my wife had a chance to visit Haveli Amritsar few weeks back along with its rich Hospitality and desi entertainment a Punjab folk will offer. Both of us were amused with the place and the way Haveli Amritsar has shown the culture in such a nice beautiful manner. I am a Punjabi and culture was revised during my trip to Haveli Amritsar.

Haveli amritsar Activity area
Outside View of activity area

My Experience:

It was late back Sunday afternoon and we drove towards Jalandhar Highway, just after the Toll at Manawala. We reached Haveli Amritsar and the parking assistance was cordial enough to help us to park our car correctly. They say first impression is the last impression and the first impression was already made by the humble parking assistance guy.

We entered the premises and met our Host Ashmeen and Aman along with the Haveli Amritsar Manager and the fun started right from the first step.

Enjoying the activities Haveli Amritsar .
Myself and my wife enjoying activities at Haveli Amritsar

We were greeted with rich Lassi served in traditional mud pots (KULHAR). It really replenished  all the energy back into us, ready to explore the place. After chatting for a while we started the exploration in a clock wise direction.

Activities at Haveli Amritsar:


Haveli Amritsar offer lots of small and amusing activities. To start with, A potter got hold of our attention. The age old Indian way of making utensils and posturing mud and clay on potter’s wheel was being showcased in a very simple and rustic manner. It reminded me of my grand mother who used to say “Ghare (Mud pot) ka pani hi sab se acha aur thanda hota hai”. Good old days. We tried our hand with the pottery and were guided by the artisan to make a small Diya out of the clay. It was fun to revisit the old days.


Then came the Bioscope at Haveli Amritsar. Hahaha yes the traditional movie box of our village. I was amazed with the old brass sound box and the desi depiction of Punjab village movie in the Bioscope. It was fun. Yes, it reminded the inquisitive childhood days when we used to cry and force our parents to show us a small movie in a Bioscope and our parents used to say its nothing but just a box. HAHAHA.

Punjab Folk

Next was the enclosed area along with Punjabi folk and music.

Music artist playing old punjabi number live using the traditional instruments like Matka and harmonium. It was a delight to see their josh and the composition. The walls around the place were showcasing all the renowned artists Punjab has ever produced in field of art and Culture. The name included Wadali brothers, Amrita Pritam, Rajesh khanna and many more.

Pottery at Haveli amritsar. Potter's wheel spinning.
Pottery at Haveli Amritsar. Potter’s wheel spinning.
Bioscope at Haveli Amritsar
Bioscope at Haveli Amritsar
Musician performing Live at Haveli Amritsar
Musician performing Live at Haveli Amritsar
Music & Art gallery at Haveli Amritsar
Music & Art gallery at Haveli Amritsar

After crossing the area we came across the Marasiye (MARASI) of Punjab. They were enacting an old art form of Punjab Street performance where two to four men converse each other in a jovial and entertaining manner. They use different instruments to add humour to the act and generally use the local sarcastic dialect of the place. You need to understand Punjabi to understand them.

The act was really entertaining and involved lot of energy put in by the performer. The act is one of its kind as this form comedy has lost its importance to modern day Tv and mobile. It’s a must watch act if you really want to understand how villagers in Punjab used to entertain themselves in the evening.

Above is the video of Marasi Performance at Haveli Amritsar

The MAGIC Show

Next we came across was the traditional Magic show being performed by a local village guy. The simplicity in his magic was clearly visible as he used gunny bag and pigeon to show case the Magic. The children flanked around him in very curious manner and the crowd was totally entertained by his performance. Some excited to the magic and some were excited to remember old childhood days while watching magician perform.

Village Street.

Village street Haveli amritsar
Typical Village Street (Gali)

Then we came across the typical village gali along with its brick lane and the old traditional houses made on the edge of the lane. The open nalli (drain) the old windows and doors along with the village architect fascinated us. Drawing our attention towards the minute detailing of the walls and architect of the village.

It had all the ingredients of a typical Punjabi Village along with Subedar’s residence, A Traditional school, Post office , NRI house, Jyotis palmist and an old Haveli.

Outdoor layout at Haveli Amritsar
Outdoor layout at Haveli Amritsar
Women in village. Haveli Amritsar
Women in village. Haveli Amritsar
School children in a typical village setup. Haveli Amritsar
Tractor placed outside the restaurant at Haveli Amritsar
Wresting place in village. Haveli Amritsar
Wresting place in village.

I must compliment the way it has been crafted and the detailing done to show case the village house and its scenery is marvellous. You can see the perfection at all corners of village, be it school or old ceiling and wooden door placed outside the house.

Then came the PROP section to take photos with witty captions. All the placards had beautiful and typical captions pertaining to culture of Punjab. To name few:

  • Maa da LADLA.
Photo clicking corner at Haveli Amritsar
Photo clicking corner at Haveli Amritsar
Tractor placed outside the restaurant at Haveli Amritsar
Tractor placed outside the restaurant at Haveli Amritsar

There is a beautiful body of a tractor lying at the entrance of main restaurant where one can get some pictures clicked depicting the Punjabi way of mode of transportation.


The Haveli Restaurant:

Here comes the most awaited attraction of Haveli Amritsar. The food we all eat to live and the famous saying is: PUNJABIS LIVE TO EAT. Bbrrrrahhhh!!!

Entrance of Restaurant Haveli Amritsar
Entrance of Restaurant Haveli Amritsar.
Interior of Restaurant area at Haveli Amritsar
Interior of Restaurant area at Haveli Amritsar
Truck placed inside Haveli Amritsar
Truck placed inside Haveli Amritsar

We entered the restaurant after all the fun activities to try the Amritsari food specialities.

On entering we came across a typical TRUCK body placed inside which you will see at all the havelis properties across North India.

The ambience was extravagant and had the traditional architect of Punjab. Nanak shahi bricks can be seen all around the Haveli Amritsar (Clearly visible in all the photos above). The brick is used in the outdoor as well in the indoor. Nanak shahi brick is a traditional narrow red brick and was extensively used in traditional rural area Punjab.

The food served  is unparalleled in terms of its quality and servings. The staters included the LADDOO with Chutney (a typical Amritsari item made of Dal pakora served with imli and radish), Papadi chat, Dahi Bhalla.

The main course offered variety to choose from. We opted for a typical Amritsar thali consisting of Maa ki daal, Channa daal, papad, Raita curd, home made achaar and parantha along with chat ki lassi (Chaas/Butter milk). The dishes were well made and had the right taste of Amritsar and offered various blend of richness Punjab is famous for. You can easily pamper your stomach with variety of rich food along home made achaar (Pickle).

I am sure your stomach will give up eating but your mind will keep asking for more till you drop dead with food.

Now came the desert.  The typical Amritsar Phirni, Gulaab Jamun, Jalebi and Kheer. Each item was different from each other in taste and offering. The best part is each item  gave a typical taste of Amritsar and its food flavours.

Amritsar Thali served at Haveli Amritsar
Amritsar Thali served at Haveli Amritsar
Crisp Jalebi desert served at Haveli Amritsar
Crisp Jalebi desert served at Haveli Amritsar

The entire experience at Haveli Amritsar is totally satisfying including food and related activities it offers. At the same time it does not leave any big dent on the pocket as the food items are competitively  priced along with the rich experience of fine Punjabi dinning.

I should not forget to mention about the courteous staff they have. The moment you enter till you leave the place The staff greets and assist you in all possible manner. If you are not sure what to order or need some information on the subject , feel free to put across the query to them. The facility incharge will brief you about their offerings and the premises if asked for.

Orientation of Haveli Amritsar:

The Haveli Amritsar is on south east direction of Amritsar on Amritsar Jalandhar Road.

The place can be easily reached using car, taxi or auto from Amritsar. The Haveli Amritsar can also be visited while coming to Amritsar or leaving out of Amritsar by road towards Jalandhar on national highway 1. The place is well marked on the highway and its 14 km from main city.

Google map of Haveli Amritsar.

Driving directions from Amritsar.


Haveli Amritsar can be visited round the year for food and experience but if you really want to enjoy the outdoor activities October to March is the best time.

The evening time offer more activities as compared to Lunch and weekends are exciting to visit the place.

NOTE: There are various fake Haveli properties now mushrooming in North India. Amritsar itself has more than two Haveli with some suffix or prefix. The original Haveli is at Amritsar Jalandhar Road just after the Toll Plaza. The location is mentioned in the post. The original Haveli will only has its name HAVELI with no add-on with name.

As of now there are only three Haveli in north India. One JALANDHAR, Second one at MURTHAL and the  latest one at AMRITSAR.


The official Website of Haveli is as below.

Layout at restaurant Haveli Amritsar
Layout at restaurant Haveli Amritsar


If you are visiting Amritsar and do not have much time to explore the culture and food of Amritsar then Haveli Amritsar is the right place to be. It will offer the complete experience of Punjab in a package.

Certainly the most happening place in Amritsar after Golden temple.


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