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Life is strange. If you are happy you are worried that this will go away. When you are sad , you feel when will this pass! The story begins like this……………
Hurray ! Me and My Husband are going on our first ever overseas trip to London. This is the third time we got an opportunity to go overseas on an almost all expense paid trip, this time, nothing doing, we just grabbed it. Actually twice before it has happened that we wanted to go , but could not as things just didn’t fall in place or like any other Indian Middle class family we thought that the money we will spend on a overseas trip can be better utilized for something else…….. though that something else for me was Gold jewelery and Mutual funds for my husband.Since the discord was irresolvable so this time we decided better to go.
First it was my husbands friend who was living in Switzerland inviting us to visit, but we turned it down ( it is a separate thing that some people still tell us Switzerland was a better choice than London)….. chance lost. Second was again one of our relatives marriage was there is Mauritius, but circumstances were such we could not  go……second chance lost again for an all expense paid trip 🙁 . But this time, a very sweet couple ( my Husband’s cousin) coaxed us finally to come to London. And learning from the previous experiences……… we just grabbed the opportunity ! Typical misers, me and my husband, thought of going to Thailand or Malaysia…as they are cheaper trips………But surprisingly…..  it was my Father in law who said ( like Nathhu lal’s famous Mustaches) ” Jana hai toh London Jao nahin toh na jao”( if you want to go, go to London, or else don’t go!). And ironically for misers like us…… ‘almost all expense paid notion’ was nowhere a reason to finalize it. We thought its not that we will go overseas every now or then…….. but if once we have thought we must go to a place which is generations advanced to us…. and may teach/show us a thing!
But as we were thinking “to go or not to go”especially when you are in a close knit Indian society, there are some typical questions that come to mind :
  • What will so and so relative think ????…. “zyada hi paisa hai jo ucchal rahe hain !”( they have a lot of money, that is why they are showing off). In fact this is one thing which definitely comes to our Indian minds. We were really scared that “Logon ki nazar Lag jayegi” ( People’s ill eyes will fall on us)
  • What will we feel at the end of our Journey……………. ” Aivenyi ! Paisa Phoonk diya on a vacation!” ( we wastefully spent our savings on a vacation) Kind of “Jeb main nahin daane amma chali bhunaney”( There is no money in pocket and have gone to change currency)
  • Is it wise to spent so much of savings just on a single vacation?
  • When we are going so far, we need to have at least 15 days there to get a “Paisa Vasool” holiday ( value for money), but will we be able to get so much of leave ? or will the people we are going to be comfortable ( as both are working).
  • London is an expensive place, will it still fall in our budget ?
But finally all the arguments lost………. plans for a trip to London won!
But as tomorow is approaching there is a realization………as my first line said “Life is strange. If you are happy you are worried that this will go away. When you are sad , you feel when will this pass!” …….. Today as we are planning to board the plane to London……….. we are worried…………. Are we doing the right thing??? will the good times remain or “Nazar na Lag Jaye“( may god spare us from evil eye)???? Will the vacation be a “Paisa Vasool” ( worth the money).
Then suddenly I remember my father’s face which always remained the same in happiness and in sadness….. calm and serene with a broad mysterious smile……. I get up and gather my courage…….encompass the happiness or anxiety………. fill my lungs with air and heart with hopes that GOD MUST HAVE THOUGHT GOOD FOR US!…… This is giving me strength ! We can now go………. with peace !

थोड़ी ज्यादा ख्वाहिशें,
थोडा बड़ा आसमान 
नन्हे-नन्हे परों से ,
लम्बी एक उड़ान;
कि हम तो सपनों पर चलते हैं,

उम्मीदों से थोड़ा ज्यादा मचलते हैं .

Some more desires,
Some blue sky
with small feathers
a long journey
that we walk on Dreams
get happier than expected !


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3 Responses

  1. Veren

    Hey Wife!!!
    Lets hit the road again and forget all worries…

    LONDON here we come.
    KATE dont be in two minds…You are married now…



  2. dr.antony

    Now a days people just try to find reasons to travel.We dont live fully in this world if we dont see he world we live in.
    Bon Voyage !

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