I love you India…… YOU SIMPLY ROCK !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a Proud day…a sad day….a confusing day….but finally the feeling which just swelled my heart was “I.N.D.I.A  R.O.C.K.S !!!!!!!!” WOW!!!!!!!!  What a splendid, spectacular opening ceremony it was ! It seems it was yesterday only when we were … Continued

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At times it happens with me that I sit to write a blog on a particular topic…but end up writing on something else instead. Today thought of writing on Our Ladakh trip with Pics, but than decided to write something … Continued

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With in a split second What all happens in a split second….. numerous thoughts come to your mind and by the time you realise it, the thoughts have further moved on…all in a split second. Yesterday finaslly I was able … Continued

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My first Blog ever ! how should I begin….topics come crawling in your mind, someetimes slow, some times bubbling and moving forward in excitement, like a child…after all its a new beginning. New beginning to be on my own feet, … Continued

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