My name is…… !!!!!

Just small tit bits ! Impact of movies is such that when I ask my two and a half year old nephew ,”whats your name?”he replies singing ” my is Shieee….la !!!!!!” But if this is not enough when … Continued

I love you India…… YOU SIMPLY ROCK !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a Proud day…a sad day….a confusing day….but finally the feeling which just swelled my heart was “I.N.D.I.A  R.O.C.K.S !!!!!!!!” WOW!!!!!!!!  What a splendid, spectacular opening ceremony it was ! It seems it was yesterday only when we were … Continued

some memories are so poetic !

Dreaming…dreaming of the Past…. What was there, what was missing….comparing it with today what is there, what is missing. And it all boils down to the point we are never satisfied. When we are in present we don’t realize to … Continued

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