Bells Of faith !!! Temples at Himalaya Kumaon Uttarakhand

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Bells hung at temples of Himalaya . Kumaon region India
Bells hung at temples of Himalaya . Kumaon region

Bells Of faith: Temples at Himalaya.

Indian culture is full of diversity and beliefs. You travel the country from north to south or East to west you will discover amazing beliefs and peculiar methods of people expressing their faith. You meet people and their belief system and realise the variety of them.


This post is about my Photograph journey of temples in Kumaon region in Middle Himalayas. I came across various bells some black in color, some in browns and some in golden, offered to the god with faith that the future will be promising for the offerer. I also came across bangles and stamp paper offered to god for the same. I thought why not cover this beautiful innocent journey into photographs and share with my readers about this magnificent cultural diversity of india.


The question somebody ask Faith in what? The faith is such a vast word and has different meaning to most of us. Somebody has faith that the misery will be over one day, some body has faith in future, child has faith on his parents what ever they do would be the best, Parents has faith on children they would come to help or look after them at the time of need. A poor farmer has faith on nature that this year it will rain well. A follower of god has faith in god that one day his problem will be taken care of… The list goes on and you realise what beautiful forms Faith are present in the world.

The interesting part is people over the years has adopted various methods to express their faith. Some body takes to prayers and some body takes to fasting, somebody takes to offering bells and some body takes to share the yearly profit …

On one of my travel to Ladakh in a remote village I came across beautiful small flags tied in a row and in different colors with hymns written on it. The faith is the hymns of peace written on the flag flutter along the flag and the vibrations are carried in air to spread around the world. What a beautiful faith. I travelled and found interesting faith system a temple in Kumaon had thousands of bell hung in the air and the faith is The wish is fulfilled and the vibrations are carried in air. The series “Bells of faith’ I would show case few of interesting Bells I cam across in Himalayas. There were also temple which had hand written letters to god placed along the Bells, requesting almighty to fulfil the wish. You can also find stamp paper of Indian revenue hung on the bells pledging the same for a wish.This what faith is.


Bells hung at temples of Himalaya . Kumaon uttarakhand region India
Bells at Kumaon

Bells floating in the air swinging high in glory.

Black Bells hung at temples of Himalaya . Kumaon uttarakhand region India
Black bells
Temple Bell at Kumaon Himalaya Uttarakhand India
Mighty Bell at entrance of temple
Bells in a row at temple Kumaon uttarakhand Himalaya India
Series of Bells hung in Kumaon temple
bells with carving at Kumaon uttarakhand himalaya India
The Bells with Carving
Big Black tempe bell at Kumaon Uttarakhand Himalaya India
The Black beast ..
Tiny brass tempe bell at Kumaon Uttarakhand Himalaya India
Though I am Tiny but hung with big faith.
tiny brass tempe bells tied in row at Kumaon Uttarakhand Himalaya India
Tiny but united while ringing.
Assaulting bells in temple of Himalaya, Kumaon Uttarakhand India
Assault of Bells
bunch of Bells tied in rom in temple of Himalaya at Kumaon Uttarakhand India
Assaulting bells in color background
Bunch of bells tied in a row at Temple of Himalaya Uttarakhand India
Diversity of Bells standing at temple in Himalaya Kumaon Uttarakhand India
Unity in Diversity…Bells
Carved brass temple bell at Kumaon Uttarakhand India
Bells we saw in our history text book
Black and brass bells at Temple of Kumaon Uttarakhand India
Black and Gold bells.
Brass carved Temple bells at Kumaon Uttarakhand India
Beautiful carved bells remind me of History chapter of Ashoka empire
bangles at temple of Kumaon Uttarakhand India
Colorfull bangles to please mother god

Interesting offerings at Temple:

The above picture shows the hand written as well stamp paper offered to god in faith in a temple in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand India.

I would like to mention I also visited a temple in Guwahati Assam india where Pigeons were offered to goddess. The temple is famous for its devi called Kamakhya Temple.

Usefull Inks : Kumaon division – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Final words:

India has variety of sweet cultural diversity and it is quite exciting to explore and discover it in its original form. Some beliefs are appreciated and some are unconventional superstition. But what unite them all is the Faith. An innocent and beautiful power of faith. we all have come across the same in one form or the other and it is faith that keep us all going and moving against all odds.

If you have an interesting story on Faith, comment below or write to me. I ll be happy to publish the same on the blog.


(All the Photograph in post are self shot using Canon DSLR)


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