Adventure Begins Part 8 : Singapore Day 2 ( Merlion)

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I hope the blog readers are reading the blog in continuation, coz all the posts are linked chronologically.

Also To begin with let me give you a pic of Supertree Grove by Night, we had gone to yesterday, as its splendid. Please note that the lighting you see is all solar Lights on the Super tree Grove that illuminate in the night!

Grand Supertree Grove

You can see Marina Bay Sands hotel in Background

You can see the OCBC walkway also
 (Source: Chris McGrath / Getty Images AsiaPac) Taken from Internet
And now coming back to where we left yesterday, We took the Left turn from the bridge to go to see the Merlion.  
Merlion is a mythical creature with Head of a Lion and Body of a fish and is the mascot of Singapore.The Lion Head represents the original name of Singapore ‘Singha Pura’ or the Lion city.
I think pictures tell stories better, so will take you through the route from the bridge ( as mentioned in previous blog ) to the Merlion through Pictures now.

You can notice the bridge we left ( as mentioned in earlier blog post) on to the  left of pic. We are crossing a Playing field

The walk way will go towards Esplanade theater.

See Esplanade theater in Back drop. We climbed the stairs from here to reach to a cross way( turn left) towards the Merlion. However Underneath the bridge, you can see locals enjoying a good picnic ( as it was Sunday). We even witnessed the friendly Singing competition between two groups of teenagers. One became our favorite as they sang, ‘Everything I do I do it for you’ with guitar playing rhythmically. Each group used to sing a song leave at a high note for the other group to start! it was really nice!

Now on the walk way to Merlion. Enjoy the scenery behind!

Almost reached the Merlion.

In company of the Merlion
Walking forward on the bridge. You can see Esplanade Theater in backdrop

See Singapore Flyer in backdrop

Walking along the bridge towards the Financial District area ( See the Manhattans standing tall)

Financial District in Backdrop

Picturesque area in front of Financial District
As we needed to head for home now, it was time to go to the Raffles place MRT station. It was across the road, some walking and asking the way required (Singaporeans are quite helpful). So an Expat told there that we can take the underpass opening at the Iconic ‘The Fullerton Hotel’. We did the same. And fantastic is the word for the underpass! 

The travalators
The Lobby for underpass

The Raffles Place MRT station
From Raffles Place MRT station we took the North South Line to Dhoby Ghaut then changed to North East Line to Harbour front. It was time just grasp what we had seen and thanking god for giving us the opportunity to go on a holiday ( in the first place) AND for giving us the serenity to enjoy little joys of Life.
Do keep reading the Blog as up coming is the visit to the Singapore ZOO, Night Safari and a Pool side dinner!

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