Adventure Begins Part 6 : Singapore ( Day 2, Harbour Front)

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The Plan for Day two ( Sunday) was to go for a Morning Walk.The original Plan was as Under :

“Wake up early morning by 5 am. Visit the National Orchid Garden at the Botanic Gardens Located in the Botanic Gardens (arguably one of the most beautiful places in Singapore)Walk through 1 Cluny Road, swath of Virgin Rain forest ( the main board walk through , it is entered from Upper Palm Valley Road) then take National Orchids Gardens. the National Orchid Garden showcases a huge array of various orchids. Enjoy it best in the morning before the sun really turns up the heat and the crowds flock in. It’s best to arrive at Tanglin Gate and then take a 10-15 minute walk to the garden. Botanic Garden MRT station is around 20-25 minutes’ walk. First Have the walk, by the time it finishes, 8.30 am Orchids garden opens ( $5 per person).  For Kids there is Jacob Ballas Children”s garden but that opens at 9 am. Drop into Food Court near Tanglin Gate for BF of Kaya Toast or Roti Prata. Return Home.” 

For Food Original Plan was : Eats at Tanglin gate : They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start off with a high-calorie meal of kaya toast (toasted bread slathered with margarine and coconut jam) and Singapore-style coffee sweetened with condensed milk. This hearty breakfast will set you back about S$2.50 at most hawker centers or around S$3 at cafes like Killiney Kopitiam. If you’re a light eater in the morning, hawker center stalls selling coffee and tea also sell snacks like steamed buns and curry puffs for S$0.50–$1.00 apiece.”

But it was changed to Morning walk to Harbour, just behind Keppel Bay where we were staying….and Boy! we didn’t regret that!

Last night by the time we slept it was late, and morning the alarm didn’t go off as I had put the alarm but not changed the time Zone on mobile phone! So there were all chances to miss it, but thanks to the Wife of friend (who had gone with us from India) that she wake us up. Vikas was also ready quickly. The contenders for walk had reduced though, so it was me , My Husband, Vikas and Sumedha ( My Husband’s Friends wife).

It was a picturesque walk through the wooden decks to the Dragon’s Tooth Rock. It was nice seeing the people around, some fishing ( though it was not permitted there) and Practicing Zen and Yoga.

The breeze was refreshing. At times in our busy schedules we forget to relish the small little pleasures nature provides us bountiful of energy.

On the other side, there were private Yachts lined up.

 I don’t remember how many of them we sold ad bought standing there 🙂 . 

There was a small seating Hut with bench on both side. So the men sat and had a philosophical Talk, while we the ladies had a Yoga Session on the banks of the sea.

With Numerous Yachts lined up boasting the glory of their owners, Busy Cargo Ships in view, Views of Sentosa Island just across, beautiful Breeze blowing, Silence Prevalent, with only sounds of water to stir your soul,it was just so perfect morning.

We enjoyed it thoroughly!

As we came back it was time to prepare some Jeerey wale Aloo ( Stir fried Potatoes in Cummin Seeds) and Ajwain Paronthas ( Indian Bread) with Niti. Also the day was to be walk intensive as we were going to Gardens By the Bay followed by Major attractions of Singapore so it was time to wear good sneakers.

Will Update you next on Gardens By the Bay in the Next post…. though will post it today only. Actually don’t want to scare people with looooong post so splitting it in two!!!!! keep watching for more!

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