Adventure Begins Part 5 : Singapore We have arrived ( Day 1)

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We reached Singapore by 11. We had all the homework done as to which MRT to take but the MRT closes by 11.15 so it was cutting too fine. Vikas, my Husband’s Friend, with whom we were to stay, had already guided us on how to reach his house. So we took a cab. Sometimes Cabs allow to take four pessenger with kid, however to our dismay, the Cab Driver refused, also the Baggage was more and couldn’t have come in one cab so we took two cabs. Each Cab costed Sng $ 35 to Habour Front where we were staying.

On our way we crossed the Singapore at Night with Lovely lighted  Super Grove trees  and Singapore Flyer welcoming us to their country.We reached Harbour Front at around 12 am.

Harbour Front MRT station ( the pic was taken on some other day, but added here to give an idea how it look likes)

Vikas’s Condo ( the pic was taken on some other day, but added here to give an idea how it look likes)
With a Sumptuous meal ( specially after virtually no proper meal at KLIA) we slept to glory, to wake up in a new country!
We had originally planned to go to Zoo and the Night Safari on the first day, but incidentally our first day in Singapore was Saturday, so it meant Vikas would be having a off. So we decided mutually to keep things where we can have Vikas and his family going with us. So it was Vivo City Mall ( at Harbour Front, Next to Harbour Front MRT station). Followed by Evening out at Marina Bay Sands and Clarke Quey.
A Mall….lots of Shopping options………..What a way to Begin……..Love you Loads husband dearest!
Vivo City is at walking (2 Min) distance from Keppel Bay ( where we were staying). On our way to Vivo city we could see numerous cable cars in the skyline, to and from Sentosa Island. Seeing them continuously moving, it seemed as if we live on earth and these cable cars are connecting us to a space station on another neighboring planet!
At Vivo City. bought two Pairs of Footwear and negotiations were on for one more pair footwear and a purse. I would have continued had men not started to shout to return  home. But ping! Ping! Ladies had a solution, it was decided that Men will take the kids home, and we ladies will continue with there shopping. Yipeee! I bought the remaining footwear and Purse. For all the shoppers, do note that Singapore, in order to promote Tourism, gives a GST ( Kind of Tax) refund of Purchases by the tourists. For this your shopping has to be minimum Sng $100 on the same day from the same shop. The no. of bills can be any though. All you have to do is to request the invoice person, to give a GST refund invoice. Some shops ask for your passport, some don’t. Since this shop was not asking, I didn’t come to know of this passport asking by some shops clause. Later when I did shopping from Mustafa, we had to go back again the next day with passport to get GST refund invoice. So all you shoppers, do carry your Passport while shopping as you may not have spare day/time to go back and collect the invoice.
For Brands in Footwear, I would recommend (mid range) Charles and Keith, as its a Singapore brand, and the items are much cheaper in Singapore than what they are in India due to import Duty.The range will be between Sng $50 to Sng $ 250 except for their signature items. However, you can also shop for Charles and Keith at Airport duty free shop at Changi Airport ( Singapore). The items would be cheaper at Duty free, however with GST refund thing, it comes almost the same.
Vivo City Mall has very good Kids Playing area, just in case one wants to spend some time there, or else we three were feeling ourselves not less than the women of “Sex and the City” while walking in the mall with our shopping bags. Even Vikas’s wife, Nitika purchased some clothes for her impending visit to India, very soon. Shopping time with her was fun time as she had a good information on whats in trend, where to buy from. A footwear store she suggested ‘Anna Nucci’ had some great silicon footwear. Good buys, as they feel really comfy as I am wearing them now!
Finally with all the shopping we came back to prepare for an Evening Date with Singapore!
We went directly to Marina Bay Sands Mall in the evening. Our Malls in Amritsar seemed like unborn child in front of these big malls. You name a luxury brand and its there. Its lovely to window shop  e e e  window watch! We had a great time getting our pictures clicked. 
 I loved this pic taken by My Husband of the Marina Bay sands area
For better understanding I am also posting a day time pic of the same below :
Marina Bay Sands from Esplanade Theater Side
Louis Vuitton Floating Outlet
A casino is also there. For Tourists the entry is free, however for residents they charge Sng$ 100 per person. 
It was soon to be 8.30 PM , time for a light and sound show in front of  Marina Bay sands. So we all sat on the deck infront of it. It was a Lovely Light and sound show with Fountains in the Bay dancing to the music and light colors. 
We had a good stroll across the walking deck and then left for a walk towards Clarke Quay ( pronounced as Clarke Quee). The Clarke quay is the Area to see the night life of Singapore. You have themed, fancy restaurants. Shiraz, being one of the popular ones for ogling at the belly Dancer there ( Indians are masters in ogling to the level of discomfort… cheapo despos!). The dancer was quite master of the art of Belly Dancing! For all the men (specially the dirty minded Indians), do show some respect to woman and her art ! 
As a woman, the best thing about crowded places in cultured countries is that you don’t feel scared someone will pinch you or try to touch you indecently. INDIA…..what have you done to yourself!
Clarke Quay from a distance
Buzzing life in Clarke Quay
Hep and Happening
The day was full of Awe and surprise ! It was a day of dilemma as well. Some body handed us a Pamphlet in the Mall for a $ 1200 Facial Spa. Me and Nitika were giggling to glory, as I said, ‘Niti do I look that rich to spend such money, that he handed over the Pamphlet to me!’ The Pamphlet even mentioned how to get rid of redness around your nose, or how to get a perfect pout! Its content and cost made me think about the vanity that pamphlet held! May be I  ( the typical Indian Middle class)  was finding it difficult to digest the vanity of lifeless consumer things at the Mall, but I was questioning myself as to how this feeling goes the moment the materialism is in my expense range ( at Charles and Keith)! May be we are falling in a vicious circle of Materialism and consumerism of capitalist mind sets!
However I really admired the Pride I saw in the eyes of Singaporean for their country while they were watching the Light and sound Fountain show standing next to us! God bless you Singapore for a very well kept city ! Are India’s corrupt Politicians listening ? India… lost the game!!!
Singapore will continue….upcoming is the walk of Harbour and  Gardens by the Bay visit!

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