Adventure begins Part 2 : Kuala Lumpur ( Day 1)

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So it was time to start the Journey………………. !

The train was at 9.30 PM. Our Parents had come to see us off. The seats we got were Middle and Lower berth, so quite comfortable. And as Chance was to have it, My Husband’s friend and his wife also had their RAC seat confirmed in same Compartment”s lower and middle berth. They had missed a lesson though. Their luggage was brought in by a coolie ( Manual Laborer). Overseas you don’t have coolies, so that excess baggage was to be a problem in coming days!!!!!!

My Husband enjoys eating in train, so we were carrying food. Had a sumptuous Paneer Bhurji with them. The fun had begun. We got a very nice taxi driver at Delhi Railway Railway Station, Jamal Bhai. He was very cheerful and helpful. Since we didn’t have time to change at Railway Station, we decided to do that at Delhi Airport in our leisurly time, once we check in our baggage and are mentally free. we had a fun time clicking pics at the airport. However, I really missed buying the Watch I saw at Duty free, thinking will do so while returning ( couldn’t get it Later). Some good deals were there at Airport, specially in the fragrance sectin, where you could buy good travel 5 piece sets of BVLGARI or Celvin Klien for $ 51 ( Approx Rs 3000). I thought to buy them while returning , just in case I will not be able to buy some gifts for my sister in law/ Mother in law in Singapore or Malaysia.

The flight started at 12.25 PM ( IST), and we reached at 9.25 PM ( Malaysian Time). The immigration was fast. Since our visa was valid for two years, so they took our thumb prints too on bio metrics. We reached our Hotel. There are two ways to reach Tune Hotel, Take Bus to KL Sentral from Ground Floor of the Airport Arrivals, and then change to MRT ( MRT station is across the road) at KL Sentral. It will drop you at Sultan Ismail which is across the road of Tune Hotel. Or From KL Sentral you can take Mono Rail to Medan Taunku, which has its walk way terminating in front of Tune Hotel. But with the excess Baggage as mentioned in the beginning of the blog, and only My Husband’s friend , my Husband and me ready for carrying the luggage, it was not possible to change the mode of transport multiple times. Also My Husband was of the logical opinion that we are stranger to the city, and so much of change over is comfortable if we have some idea of the town, more so it was night time. In addition the MRT closure time was also nearing, so it will be cutting too fine that too in a new environment, so we decided to take the cab to Tune Hotel. it costed RM 70 against a cost of approx RM 35 had we taken the alternative. 
For all tune hotel Fans, there was a shocker. As I told you in previous blog, 24 Hr AC means total for 24 Hrs time running ( to be charged as per usage), and not through out the day ( consisting of 24 Hrs). The TV and Wi Fi was for only 24 hrs, starting from the time of checking. Also password is valid for only single gadget. 
The rents are fabulous, provided you book month or two advance.The rooms as given in trip adviser too, were small, but sufficient. No playing area for kids though. Beds are small if you are with Kid.You can take a seperate room for Kids or family room, as the rents are quite reasonable. But rooms are absolutely spic and span, comfy beds, clean and very well maintained Toilets with super powerful showers. Its really funny to move around in Tune Hotel, as its like walking in a live  maze, you get lost every time you try to find your way out. 
Though in my earlier blog I had compared that Tune Hotels run by Air Asia Airways management is similar to Ginger Hotels run by Tata in India, I shall amend by saying Tune Hotels are better than Ginger. We loved Tune hotels.

The table in-front of TV is fold-able, quite handy for keeping suitcase, but restricts walking area.

Super comfy Bed

Sense of space with Lot of Mirrors
The reception Area
Out side view of the Hotel from Walkway towards MRT station.
The Hotel is at walking distance ( two minutes) from the MRT station , Sultan Ismail and Monorail Station Medan Taunku. Medan Taunku is only two stops away from main shopping area ( city center) Bukit Bintang. So quite appropriately located.
First day was Main attractions of Kualalumpur. We went to Maderka Square, saw Abdul Samad Building some club nearby. Infront of Abdul Samad building was a red colored I Love KL sign, got our Picture clicked there. Next we went walking to National Mosque. The mosque was a disappointment and clearly can be missed. We head towards Petalling street in China Town. 
Though we were told you get better deals in Little India, still we decided to go to China Town as it was near by. Quite colorful. Do your shopping here, as its cheap and highly bargain able. However you can feel some hostility from some Chinese shopkeepers towards Indians. They are rude and hostile. Food is cheap, in the sense, for 5 RM you get rice with Chicken Curry. But getting used to there Rice is difficult, As the rice there is not long grain but very sticky and wide grain. Do ask them, if chicken is with curry or not, as most of the chicken varieties are without curry. There people eat rice alone as a food, where as for Indians, we do need some gravy to eat with Rice.  For vegetarians, you will have to fight hard to find vegetarian eatables. Fresh cut fruits ( Various Varieties) are also sold in small quantity for 1.20 RM each. We had the best Lemon Soda of the trip there, sweet, lemony and chilled. However the liquids there are more expensive than food, with 4.50 RM each.
In China Market, you get good Fakes for all the luxury brands here, from Louis Vuitton to Mont Blanc. from Gucci to Prada.
Colourful China Town
Since we didn’t go to Little India side, this is the best place to buy Souvenirs or knick knacks. 
At Dusk we moved to The Petronas Towers, the most popular Tourist attraction. It was good that we went to Petronas Tower before Dusk, so that we were able to see it without lights on, and when lights got on. It was amazing. It really was an effort to take its pics, as from ground level either the poser can come with some part of Building. But with my husband rolling all over the floor, to get the perfect angle we were able to get some great pics. 
Before Light are on 
After Lights are On
From there it was time to Go towards Bukit Bintang area. Lovely crowd atmosphere, lots of Malls around. Did some shopping at H & M , where got some good deals. Then we head towards, Jalan Alor, the most famous Hawker market center in Bukit Bintang to Have barbecued Stingray fish. Though we struggled to find the way a bit ( its very nearby although), and were tempted to go to McDonald/ KFC instead, but kept patience and it was worth it.
The Huge TV screen next to H&M
Bukit Bintang Area
In front of Starhill Mall, in Bukit Bintang
Barbequed Stingray. Their lemon is slight orange in color from inside and taste sweet as an orange

Some Shrimp Salad with bean sprouts it was
Could not muster to eat famous chilly crab there, so only pics for a live crab
We also had Chicken curry which had lot of Potatoes in it. Good that the wife of My Husband’s friend could eat something, as she was having difficulty in getting used to of smell of food. Moreover I also noticed that the food in these country, specially non vegetarian smells a lot, even there chicken smells. Or may be in indian Cooking its cooked so much that the smell wanes off. We were carrying our own bread packet so it was much better to eat these with bread, rather then the rice they give.
Finally it was time to return to Hotel. It was a fulfilling day. For next day, Keep reading the blog!

  1. Jyoti Joshi Mitter

    Just wanted to add that KLCC Suriya Mall is connected to the Pavallion Mall by a walk way of approx a KM. You can go through that to reach from KL tower side to Bukit Bintang Area Malls.

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