The long Road…

It was a long road , and rainbow seemed to be ending on its horizon. We walked crossing the tree lines, sunlight trickling down, air whistling through the motionless leaves, still drenched in rain, with droplets dripping down from the leaves, in all shades of green. We continued to walk in sun and in stars, day and night, in wind and in rain. Somewhat wet and as we reached the edge, lied the splendid rainbow….. beyond the dotted lines !

Meeting at a youthful age of 22, we embarked upon a journey for life. We traversed through various paths, sometimes to oblige the so called worldly wise, sometimes off track and sometimes made some choices beyond the dotted lines… Life took us to unorthodox way of living and earning. We followed unconventional rather the simple way. Many a times found us on back pack trips to places where no one would advise or unexplored, be it the dirt paths of Zanksar valley or the mired land in Tezu (Arunachal Pradesh).

Having committed to explore and live life as it comes our way, we try to capture our experiences and journey called life. A blog covering our search for the rainbow on the horizon in our lands and beyond. Our travels, finding meaning of life not to live forever but just to live!

We do not know where our journey would take, it’s The Long Road we travel through!

Veren & Jyoti Mitter


Veren Mitter


A relentless Traveler and a Landscape photographer, has many interest in ambit of Exploration and finding Happiness: A Short Walk down the trail, A night lying on the barren Helipad and counting stars, A car drive with friends down the muddy road, Coal Burnt hot corn in rain under a thatched hut, A paraglide from the world’s second highest jumping spot, or finding his own Cleopatra while walking through the mummies, are only some of the recreational activities, I indulge in.
A keen explorer, with tadka of Adventure, I am a foodie at heart and passionate about Photography. I live in Delhi & hail from Army family from Amritsar. Have gone through the rigours of Army Officer training myself. Travelling and meeting people have been always a part of life, which I thoroughly enjoy. A keen adventurer myself, I have been organizing adventure tours for friends. came to my mind when I thought of sharing my travel and photography experiences with similar mind set friends. I would like to share valuable information as well experience with you and would also like to travel along with you. As I always say its a long road and exploration should never stop.


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. – Mae West


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