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With in a split second

What all happens in a split second….. numerous thoughts come to your mind and by the time you realise it, the thoughts have further moved on…all in a split second.

Yesterday finaslly I was able to visit the dentist. Ttruely after a long delay as I was just not able to muster the courage to go to a dentist. I literally  wanted some one to drag me there, instead of I going out of my own will. Such was the terror that played on my mind every time I tried to go. The feel of those drilling instruments….that pathetic feeling, oh my god, what should I call it sucking… unbearable just sent chill to my spine even thinking of it.

But finally I went yesterday (seriously, I should get an award for this act of bravery!).

The Dentist, Dr Poonam she is. She is so nice, I told her that I am petrified… she consoled. But the moment this drilling starts….. (not finding the words to express the feelings)….. hey Ram! I remembered all the gods I could think of. Preyed to all the souls of the elders to come to my rescue from heaven above.

I was just thinking during the session that the best thing to torture a criminal or a terrorist is to drill his teeth, I am sure he will tell not only the truth but only the truth.

But I think calamities bring out a tranquility and sereness with in you. At the time I was thinking of torture tricks….suddenly with in a spit second my mind got drifted away from all this…. drifted  to a torture of different kind…..which Lt Saurav Kalia faced. He and his men were the first one to detect the intrusion in Kargil and were caught by the Pakistanis…. they were brutally tortured…to the level that nails were hit between their toe and the toe nail….leave aside the cutting of fingers one by one followed by tounge and other organs…….they must be beasts who did it.

My heart swelled with anger and anguish thinking of this and his parents who are still fighting for justice…..

With in a split second the boundaries of my pain were diminished infront of the pain these brave soldiers bear…. one tooth or ten teeth it does not matter now !

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